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Do you enjoy photography?

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  1. I was looking around the Shutter Talk section and I got inspired by people's threads to create one of my own. This is where I will share all the photos I take and give them for you to enjoy. I do photography as a hobby, so I'm still working on my skill. Criticism is accepted, but please no rude comments! Let's keep everything nice :)
    I have taken all of these pictures. Please do not steal! All of the pictures here belong to me and are not to be used without my permission. Thank you for understanding!
    Enjoy :D

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  2. Very nice!
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  3. Nice! I hope you'll share more someday! :)
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  4. It's been a while and I've gotten some new pictures!

    Keep in mind that my camera isn't the greatest. Touring downtown was pretty difficult ;)

    This one I actually didn't mean to take, but I think it turned out well :D
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