Scariest Things You've Seen in Games

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  1. Hi, I was up until 5:30 last night because I found a thread on Cracked about early Luigi's Mansion. The caption was one of the creepiest things.
    "You no longer control Luigi. Only the voices control him now." They said it looked like Luigi was about to murder his family. Let me know if you find anything else like this
    PS this was cut from the final game. ESRB reasons.
    Its name was 6 Bizzarely Creepy Moments From The Mario Universe
  2. One of the only games to truly scare the living daylights out of me. This might not be suitable for younger children.

    Hmm, now I think about it there have been some classic scary moments over the years.

    Just a few I can think of without going into too much graphic detail.

    Resident Evil: The Dobermans jumping through the windows in that eerie corridor...

    Silent Hill: The first time I took a trip to the school, everything got a bit weird, then some...things started chasing me.

    F.E.A.R: Something creepy about psycho children.
  3. There are some old games which were the granddaddy of modern horror/thriller games. '7th guest' and 'phantasmagoria' series were two which come to mind, they were great for their time. But I think one of the scariest games would definately be 'amnesia'. Played at night with the lights off and the surround sound volume up, it is a marvel to experience, and holds a candle to some of the scariest movies of all time.
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  4. Can't say I have many scary moments as I stray away from campaigns. Though watching people play amnesia with headphones on in a dark room can be both horrifying and comical.
  5. I was scared as hell when I first played DOOM and later Return to Castle Wolfenstein XD.
    And yes Barks, Amnesia is will make even the bravest/most daring human cry for his mommy :

    Save Lamp oil.jpg

    Another thing would also be the sneaky Necromorphs in Dead Space.
  6. Ok, that photo looks like someone got shot in the face, had their mouth sliced, and head cut in half.
    Sorry for caps.
  7. Pyramid Head, far and away. If any of you have even heard of Silent Hill, you know how demented
  8. the scariest things in games for me arent the creatures or enemies you can see, its the stuff you cant see, but you know is there.
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  9. i really agree

    :EDIT: i need to stop posting on this website! its only been 2 months and i have made over 600 posts! XD
  10. I regularly jump when playing with no sound and cave spider drops on me... but im a bit of a girl.
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  11. i get pretty freaked out when i start playing that broken cd in the jukebox and i hate running into spawners or other things in dark caves. haha
  12. I liked Amnesia but I still think Penumbra was better.Also I always thought Scissor Man from Clock Tower was going to pop out of doors and such.Which was creepy and amusing at the same time.
  13. The moon from majoras mask is the scariest thing i have ever seen in a video game. And if thats not bad enough, the moon crashes into the earth and kills everybody!
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  14. this is what happens on the scariest games EVAR!!!!!!
  15. ~Resident Evil 4, random potato-sack wearing chainsaw slinging hillbilly zombies.
    ~F.E.A.R The random stuff that wanders by out of the corner of your eye, the children, stuff that randomly pops up on screen.
    ~The Walking Dead Episode 1. Guy reaches for the cuff keys and the zombie sheriff just comes "alive" all of a sudden.
    ~Games where random stuff pops up out of nowhere.
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  16. Amnesia is scary-ish.
    'Nuf sed.
  17. Its gotta be the creeper on hardcore mode!
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  18. The walking dead is soooo good
  19. just played amnesia.... friend: Me: (wasn't scary at all XD)