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  1. Or the Super Compact Automated Mountain Placer
  2. Wow, that would be amazing, just let it sit for a few hours, BOOM, insta-mountain.
  3. Also. dat music <3
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  4. For the love of all things sacred, please do not put this on EMC. It will send us all to lag purgatory.
  5. can you put a schmatic of this? i want to try it out!
  6. Have a look in the video description, although I should take this oppurtunity to say I didn't make this, thought it was worth sharing.
  7. Because cobble gens are too mainstream.
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  8. That, is amazing... :eek:
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  9. But that is essentially what it is... :confused:
  10. If this was every on EMC, I would think wall barriers made out of mountains would be made...
    Also you could MCedit the cobble stone to smooth stone and put some snow on the top. Just saying.
  11. Is it allowed on our server? I have a feeling it would cause a ton of lag = BAN
  12. So making that on EMC I'll do it manually though....
  13. I don't think that you would get banned for that lol, but verification might be needed.
    I'm not even sure it would cause that much lag.
  14. the only problem i can see is the mountain looks very unnatural afterwards but awesome
  15. Where is 72Volt when you need him.
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  16. But why should you want a big stone ball?