Say your favourite res!

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  1. Share who's res is the best!Personaly,BlinkyBinky and FunWart's reses are both awesome!
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  3. Fixed title for you ;)
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  4. Would you mind saying your fave res?
  5. Haha what smp is it on I'll check it out
  6. Mine! Jk, there are so many wonderful reses to name off. One I really like though, is 9158 on smp4.
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  7. Smp9
  8. I would have to say my first and second residences are the ones I'm most proud of :). I don't think move flag is on for my second red though.....
  9. I remember really liking Kephras' residence.
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  10. I like Kappsune's res
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  11. ok here are mine

    All on /smp7

    /v WyntyrRaevyn <---All of her reses

    /v +budha

    /v +ori <--- All of her reses

    /v mercenaries2009

    And that's all and plz dont visit me my res is a W.I.P
  12. 16500 (on SMP8). Together with the residence across it (/v +inkstain) but let's not get carried away...

    The reason I like this residence so much is not just how it looks (I learned that it got designed by AlexChance) but also what it stands for: its an EMC museum and Hashhog (designer / maintainer) is very keen on maintenance and trying to keep it running. Which automatically gains a lot of my respect because ask yourself this: how often would people go to such a museum?

    My guess is: once. They look at the items, they think "cool" to themselves and they carry on. Nothing wrong with that, but it does put maintenance into a whole different perspective. It's not like running a mall or such where you can expect comments or compliments on a (semi) regular basis.

    So yeah: definitely the 16500 EMC museum on SMP8.

    Reminds me that I had plans for that location... Hmm, might have to reset todays schedule a bit <mysterious grin>.
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