Say Bye to PVP!

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  1. Nope, Krysyy just likes making huge square holes in the ground...
  2. I'd like the community to take the next 2 days to think about how you treat others in PvP and maybe think of ways to have good sportsmanship. When we announced the PvP was being removed for 2 days, the moderators were happy because they'd get a break from the futile arguments that occur over it. This isn't how it should be and I'm hoping these 2 days without the arenas might change the overall attitude we see there.
  3. WRONG! It's for bug fixes. :p
  4. Hmm now what do I spend my time on emc doing?
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  5. /fun. Duh.
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  6. i repeated over and over again, you dont lose anything and it costs nothing. if you need to argue or namecall in pvp you need to leave pvp. i hope those players who persist in this wise up
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  7. Nuuu! I can't function with out pvp, every time I join I see those signs which are placed right next to my Res, And I cri.
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  8. I heard a lot of new players recently claiming everyone was hacking in fair PVP...because their armor wasn't working. Oh brother. :p
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  9. NU I love pvp…. and its true what krysyy said because its for the staff sake…. i just love pvp and can't wait infill saturday (i feel like Aikar And Krysyy are torching us for taking pvp away :p )
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  10. I'm disappointed. I really am. This reminds me of the attitude my teachers had in elementary school. One person acts out? Punish the class. I always hated that because I did nothing wrong yet was punished anyway. Why not -move certain people from PvP rather than close the arena altogether? I really can't see how closing PvP will help.

    To get rid of spammers, why don't we turn chat off for everyone? PvP on EMC for some people is like taking away the wild.
  11. I honestly would like to give staff my thanks for being able to handle the wild pvp arena chat. Its stress full to be constantly being at the arena to keep players in check, I try my best not to get angry at others but Ive made a couple of mistakes there so in the past and Ive changed from then.
  12. Personally I don't like the pvp arenas at all. If this is to punish the community and not to revamp the arenas... well that's just sad. There have been many suggestions to make the arenas less intrusive and I understand implementing them may take time. The arenas are the only place for some people to pvp as emc is their cozy blanket that they cant leave. pvp in emc, well I wouldn't even call it second rate. If you like pvp I would try other servers, this is by no means where emc shines.

    As far as good sportsmanship, may I suggest some study? Go watch youtube videos of players around the age of those on emc playing call of duty and you will understand that an endeavor to instill some kind of honor code in pvp among that age bracket in general is an exercise in futility

    It has been clarified that isn't the reason(I was on my phone when I looked at this thread and couldn't read the picture) even so, I definitely said "if";)
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  13. Remember the arenas are coming back to the community on Saturday and the removal signs blatantly say undergoing renovations. I was just listing a food for thought moment to perhaps open everyone's eyes a bit in the meantime.

    Also as a side note, some of the biggest issues in PvP come from players overreacting and reporting every little thing, not necessarily people acting up...
  14. Let's just say that I warned, people who read the forums at least, in advance, along with bite. I'm quite honestly a bit happy this has happened, even if people claim they did "nothing" they still did. For those who do play properly it's up to you to let others know how they should be playing as well, and only asking one person doesn't solve it. Reminders can help each time someone acts out, Staff shouldn't ever have to get involved in the PvP arenas unless it's for events. We should all take a step back and remember when EMC was strictly no PvP, the amount of time spent on a moderators hand was filled half with free time to have fun on EMC and not with PvP issues.
    They punish all the kids not to punish them, even if they knew not to do that in the first place. They do it to give reminders to all of the kids that what happened is wrong and shouldn't be repeated. Elementary is a time of learning, and quite frankly PvP is still in its Elementary days. Pointing out individuals wrongdoings would only harm them more by having people remember them as, "That player who got removed for a bit cause he did such and such". No one wants that floating above their head.
    I believe those who play a majority of EMC just for PvP should experience what EMC was truly meant for and about.
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  15. Telling someone to leave EMC, even temporarily is well, rude. Ofc EMC doesn't shine in PvP; it's not a PvP server. I guess you wouldn't know this, but EMC PvP has something over Hy, MP, or any other PvP server: a community. In my entire time on MP, I have gotten to know 0 people. On EMC, I have met and befriended MANY people. Countless, really.

    /end mini rant
  16. (edited mini rant to remove server names)
  17. Okay Just Wanna Say Some People Love Pvp Not everyone HATES Pvp i know EMC isn't about pvp but still… some people like pvp. and I'm glad EMC has pvp and if they didn't i wouldn't be on a lot
  18. I'm not saying what elementary teachers do is wrong, it just annoyed me. The vast majority of players aren't under 10, and shouldn't be treated as such.

    EMC already points out individual wrongdoings. Player1 was muted by Staff, reason: inpropriate chat. /p any banned player.