Save the internet.

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Did you sign the petition?

Yes 16 vote(s) 76.2%
No 5 vote(s) 23.8%
  1. The government is having a backroom meeting to censor our internet RIGHTS. I'm sure that NOBODY wants this to happen. So today, fight them, and sign this petition:

    Now, I leave you with a short story of what's going to happen:
  2. lol To story...
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  4. Grrr... the page is taking ages....
  5. bahaha Anonymous is coming pics are awesome
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  6. I signed this. I always panic when these things happen :/. I never know what they cover or understand them and then they make me nervous as heck that I'm gonna do something to get in trouble for something I didn't even know was an offence.
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  7. I Loled soo hard at this lotr clips.
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  8. I did this as soon as I could.
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  9. Just asking, who is the source of information about this?
    The video I saw on the petition has no supporting statements and doesn't say which governments will be meeting, and I noticed the word "Some".
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  10. What doea it mean when they "take away" our rights?
  11. We have to go through a long process to get games published, or upload things to the internet.

    Also can somebody answer the other questions? I'm in tears because one of my Axolotls aren't doing anything...they're very ill and I think he's dying.
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  12. Things are bad just the way they are now.
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  14. If things go to shit, I know riots will be happening.
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  16. It anoys me how SOPPA was one countries idea thing and they thought they owned the internet.
    The internet is a WORLD WIDE resource (Hence WWW= World Wide Web)
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  17. Stuff is just crazy.
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  18. industries* I believe...