Save smp6! (coming soon)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheEpic5, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hello TheEpic5 here and I've been wondering "Why is smp6 have like barley players"
    I've joined smp6 because I joined EMC on smp6, its my home server since the start.
    So why are people not joining smp6?
    Exuse me if I put this in the wrong topic.

    (TheEpic5 here and I appoved my own post Lol.)
  2. exuse the title derp
  3. If you REALLY wanna try and "Save" a server, you need to bring something new and desirable to it. In a feeble attempt to increase activity in Utopia, I created an outpost and it's doing quite well. Create an outpost with a group of friends. A huge grinder. Something that is unique, and hard to get somewhere else.
  4. We have some big things
  5. Well post them!
  6. Do you have an example? I'm just curious, I myself have wondered why SMP 6 doesn't get love.
  7. soon...
  8. I think it's something to do with the number 6. (Seriously :p)
    Pretty much all the servers have open res' so when choosing servers people tend to go for the following numbers:

    1: Because it is the first
    2: For the unstoppable economy
    3: Because 1 and 2 may be too crowded
    7: Something about that number...7 Dwarves...7 days....7 wonders of the world...
    9: The last server

    The servers in-between generally seem to have a lower player count than the above. SMP6 being, unfortunately the worst affected.