Sassy Smooch

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  1. Many of you know him. One of our most beloved Moderators ISMOOCH. We found the perfect word to describe his personality today. The word is "SASSY" The best definition I found is from Urban Dictionary, the 2nd definition.

    That is all. Share and be merry!
  2. agreed
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  3. He needs to hang out with sasseh duck.
  4. But, But... You killed Sasseh Duck.
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  5. bigwomen.jpg
  6. S




  7. All of this is funny

    Fixed by Jim
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  8. Fixed that for you :)
  9. How about, Super Sassy Smooch? S3?
  10. Poor Mr. Mooch. :/

    Mr Mooch is always happy and funny!
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  12. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  13. I think he should make a club...

    The sassy club
  14. How about The "Sassy Smooch" Club?
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  15. Come on, show us your sauciness!
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  16. 1f793df8ebc0a1ee8eb4ed02dfbd442f.png
    (This is ISMOOCH)
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  17. That. That is a very real representation of smooch. :p
  18. This is now a thing.
  19. That should be his new avatar!
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