Sandstone suppliers?

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  1. Hello, I am starting work on a hotel, one of my biggest, and need a TON of sandstone. Sandstone, smooth sandstone, anything you got. I need tons of stacks, and I need it soon.

    On a side note, you can donate to reserve a room in the hotel. If you donate 200 or more, you can get a higher floor room. if you donate lower, you can have an apartment. If you donate a TON, like 1000+, you can have the penthouse or presidential suite.
  2. i have all 3 types of sandstone on smp7 res # 14869, thanks :)
  3. what server is this on
  4. No offense, but 2r a block is pretty high. I'm not willing to spend 120r a stack. Just saying, though, how much effort does it take to mine 12 sand?
  5. I don't think you will have a ton of luck getting it much cheaper, just because the sand is getting harder and harder to get, plus there is some crafting and vaulting involved. If I donate 200r, will the hotel room be permanent?
  6. Well, aren't we a barrel of irony.
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  7. The agony of sandstone :) I remember when we needed 70.000 pieces of sandstone... those were the times :)
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  8. Yes
  9. If you could please restock by later today, i bought you out.
  10. Can you give me and estimate on how much you need? How much your willing to spend per stack?
  11. Willing to spend up to 120 per stack of smooth, maybe 25-60 regular? but that doesn't mean make your prices the max. lol. I need about, lets say, 7 stacks a day, and its gonna take a lot of sandstone.
  12. I will see what I can do.
  13. I have 20 stacks of regular sandstone that I will let go for 58r a stack is that good?
  14. That comes out to.......232r for a stack of smooth. Could you do any lower?
  15. The lowest I could go is 56r a stack
  16. Another player and I just sold a bunch of smooth sandstone to Zeke1o0o's chest. I have a lot more regular sandstone, so if you keep checking back I'll try to keep it filled.

    Not sure why he has regular and smooth at the same price. I'm getting carpal tunnel with all the clickety-clicking I'm doing converting it.
  17. I just bought a full inv of smooth, and 15 stacks of smooth and reg are in the vault. I think I'm good, spent like 6,000 rupees already.
  18. come to 14014 and see how it goes :) if you dont like it dont buy it
  19. I'd be willing to donate 200r for a permanent room.