SamSimx's 'Mega' Thread - Villager Service, Promos + More!

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  1. This thread will be a compilation for all of the threads I make so all I have to do is bump one thread instead of taking up 3 spots on the recent threads bar. :p

    • So to start it off, the revival of my 'infamous' villager service! Quick, get your infinite before EMC gets to 1.8! Infinite villagers are a great source of reliable income as they provide you with emeralds and other goods from other cheap means.

    Infinite Villager Service!

    Have you ever seen those double chests of emeralds auctions on the forums or maybe a double chest of bottle o' enchanting auctions? Even some double chest of glowstone auctions are from those amazing NPC's Villagers.

    Villager trading is an amazing source of income considering as how cheap it is to trade with a villager to get an emerald, but don't you get frustrated when he cancels the trade on you after a few emeralds then you cycle through more to find the trade you want? Well not anymore! I only use a few villagers and trade with them infinitively, how you might be asking yourself about now? Well with a little magic and boom! There you go! I can get you an infinite villager.

    Paper infinite villager ( 24 paper -> 1 emerald ) - 19,999r
    Glowstone infinite villager ( 1 emerald -> 2-3 glowstone ) - 26,999r
    Bottle o' Enchanting infinite villager ( 1 emerald -> 2-4 xp bottles ) - 26,999r
    These are the main orders I get, if you would like a custom villager done for you this can be arranged.

    The most frequent villager that gets ordered trades Paper = 1 emerald, after a while the paper will equal 24 Paper for 1 Emerald. Best part is, this trade will never stop!
    Your villager may not start at 24 paper -> 1 Emerald, but over time he will go down to that trade.
    Villagers with other infinite trades are available upon request for varying prices. For more information PM samsimx

    *With Minecraft 1.8 soon to come, infinite villagers will be uncreatable. You will not be able to have paper as the last trade. Infinite villagers made in 1.7 will also gain more trades if traded with in 1.8. THIS IS GOOD! When you trade with your old villager in 1.8, it will gain ANOTHER paper trade and a few more trades afterwards. This will mean you will have 2 paper trades that can keep refreshing each other, equalling infinite villager that way. What I am trying to say is STOCK UP NOW!*

    To order an infinite paper trade villager please PM samsimx. For inquiry on other infinite villagers just ask below or PM.
    I am not responsible if you break your villager by not following my rules, if you disobey them and you break it then you are out of luck.

    Any questions I'll try my best to answer and you can leave them in the form of a PM, or just comment down below.

    • Next is my promo exchange business! I trade, sell and buy all types of promos. Stopped bumping this thread because of my abundance of promos and absence but now I am back into this again!

    Hello! I have been collecting promos for a few months now, and I barely have my 1st and almost my second vault full of them, I need more!


    Dragon Eggs

    IcC Eggnog

    Promo horses**

    Other unique items :)

    I'm looking to buy your WHOLE promo collection so please PM me if you are looking to sell in bulk.

    Currently buying most promos, I am mainly going for a bulk collection. Looking to buy in bulk and small quantities. Will buy used promos but for A LOT less.



    You can PM me on site or in-game, I like to use mail to buy / sell so expect me to ask you to mail.

    ( I will pay mail fees )

    Any questions feel free to ask. :)

    • Lastly I am always in need of minerals such as diamonds, emeralds and gold! As I have never had a thread for this specifically this next section will serve as a regular item buying central.

    Diamonds - 104r per

    Emeralds - 37r per

    Quartz Blocks - 33r per

    Gold Ingots - 11r per

    Iron Ingots - 3r per

    Coal - 3r per 2

    Will update this list with other items that I am buying, such as building blocks or misc. items.

  2. I hate spoilers, help pls? lol
    Edit: First
  3. can i get a infi villager? the paper infinite villager please
  4. I'll sell you my holiday candle. Idk what other promos I have. I'll check later. :)
  5. Just type in the BB code :p


    [spoiler=this is a spoiler]...[/spoiler]
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  6. A simple fix. Duplicate spoilers are due to formatting in the BBcode [spoiler="name"][/spoiler]

    Just remove the formatting from the BBcode and you're good.
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  7. Quick question: When EMC does upgrade to 1.8, will the infinite villagers break, or is it just not possible to make infinite villagers after 1.8?
  8. Erm, are those asterisks supposed to lead to somewhere? I don't think you added them in anywhere. :)
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  9. I explain it in the post what will happen to them, I also have a video I made a while back if you'd like that.
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  11. Okay, so the infinite trades will stay. In that case, I'll preorder a glowstone and xp villager, totaling 53,998. I'll pay you once I sell my hoard of promos, I just want to let you know I WILL be buying these from you ;)
  12. Can I sell you 64 diamonds :p

    Maybe it would be easier if u made sell chests... hint hint.
  13. Great, fast service. He was able to fit in 2 paper traders, school & a doc's appointment :p

    Thanks again Sam!
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  14. Could i order a glowstone villager? On Utopia? Thanks :)
  15. Btw, I need this ASAP. I`ve got 3 DC`s to make! :D
  16. i would like to order all three you have listed. just let me know when you can do it.
  17. I am interested in the XP bottle Villager.
  18. Do you accept charcoal?
  19. I finally got the funds for the villagers I asked for. I have payed the 53,998r and have given you villager and eggify flags to 18137. I'll show you where to set up the villagers when you are online :)
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