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  1. Hello! I have been collecting promos for a few months now, and I barely have my 1st and almost my second vault full of them, I need more!


    Dragon Eggs
    IcC Eggnog
    Promo horses**

    Other unique items :)

    I'm looking to buy your WHOLE promo collection so please PM me if you are looking to sell in bulk.
    Currently buying most promos, I am mainly going for a bulk collection. Looking to buy in bulk and small quantities. Will buy used promos but for A LOT less.



    You can PM me on site or in-game, I like to use mail to buy / sell so expect me to ask you to mail.
    ( I will pay mail fees )
    Any questions feel free to ask. :)
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  2. I can sell you two lucky bows.
  3. Can I sell you a Lucky Bow for 6k + New Years 2013 firework? ( 17k- 11k ( New years firework Price ) = 6k )
  4. Also, Do you sell an Ore Buster?
  5. Currently only selling what is under Selling:
    Deal on the Lucky bow, will mail and pay when Lucky bow received in mail :)
  6. ok :D Ill get on right now
    You should receive mail within this next 5 minutes
  7. might want to add a link to your sig :p
  8. Working on it :p
  9. Bump - update list. :)
  10. How much would you pay for a rudolph?
  11. How much will you give me for an unspawned inactius?
  12. unused? 20k?
  13. How much do you buy IcecreamCow Eggnog for?
  14. how much would you pay for a haunted head?
  15. Dont really want anymore haunted heads so not paying much, 9k if youre desperate to sell.
  16. I'll sell 2 lucky bows 20k each
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  17. Sell me Maxarian Heads. :)