[Sale][7 mob spawner's][Untouched]

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  1. For sale Today we have 7x Mob spawner's.

    2x single zombie spawner's
    2x single Spider spawner's
    1x single skeleton spawner

    The Best part of this package.
    1x zombie and 1x Skeleton spawner's Both with in 16 blocks of each other.

    My rules and details

    1. Once purchased I will be deleting the Rei' mini map waypoints for each location
    2. You MUST READ THIS THREAD BEFORE PURCHASING. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
    3. To purchase you must tell me What is the last Word Icecreamcow uses in his guide.
    4. You will be provided with the Coords and if you would like the Rei's mini map waypoint files, with a guide on how to import them into your mini map client...
    Asking Price for this package is 40K This is Negotiable to the nearest offer, Please PM me if you would like to make an offer.
    Also please note %10 of this sale will go toward Jackbiggin's I love EMC Competition...
    Thanks - THE Happyshopper..
    Also Guidance can be given for free to the purchaser on how to make working mob grinders.
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  4. I would like to buy a zombie spawner
  5. are all of them close together?
  6. They are all in a 400 Block radius All very far from the spawn, but only the two mentioned are with in 16 blocks... (So you can make a double spanwer)
  7. sigh it would be cool with a grinder with 7 spawners.. how much each?
  8. the single spawners are 7k each the double spawner is 20k
  9. SALE ALL 7 spawners are now 20k
  10. The double spawner's are now SOLD!

    Single spawners now 1K each