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  1. Everyone here loves EMC. We all know it, it's a fact. So, for this month and this month only (probably), here's the chance for everyone to show it. Unlike many competitions, you don't have to be an amazing builder or the world's best artist to enter. You simply have to love Empire Minecraft.

    How it works
    So that anyone can enter, there are quite a few ways to enter the competition. Each and every way you enter will give you one entry and can only be done once. You can enter as many ways as you like.

    How to enter
    • Tweet with the hashtag #EmpireMC on Twitter
    • Follow @EmpireMinecraft on Twitter
    • Post on the Minecraft Forum topic saying why you love EMC
    • Post on the Empire Minecraft Facebook Page saying why you love EMC
    • Become a supporter. If you are a supporter when you first post you'll get the entry. Every level gets the same. Staff count as supporters since they support EMC.
    • Draw/Photoshop/Gimp/MS Paint/Ect a picture of a moderator or admin and post it here. 1 entry for each picture, 1 picture per staff member. Quality doesn't matter - it's the effort that counts.
    • Say 3 reasons why you love EMC on this thread
    • Posting an EMC related meme on this thread
    • Vote for EMC on Minestatus and post screenshot of rupees log showing the 50r payment for doing so.
    • Build a statue/pixel art of a member of EMC staff. 1 per staff member. Maximum of 5 will be credited. Must be built on EMC. It was so tempting to give extra points for building next to spawn on other servers...
    Please post proof for every task you complete here.

    What are the prizes?
    Since EMC is so amazing, there is more than just the usual prizes for competitions. Currently, the prizes are:
    • 5000 rupees + 39627 rupees from donations
    • 64 diamonds from Glasi13
    • 800 Microsoft Points (1/2 of the cost of Minecraft for Xbox - US ONLY - Will be given in giftcode form)
    • The Humble Bundle V - doesn't include Bastion, does include Steam keys.
    • Indie Gala 5 Bundle - The most expensive one - includes everything
    • A sharpness I diamond sword and efficiency I diamond spade from Kells18
    • A fortune II diamond pickaxe, a stack of blaze rods and 16 lapis blocks
    • 64 Eyes of Ender
    If you do feel like donating anything to the prize fund, whether it be rupees or items then please do! To donate rupees type /r pay JackBiggin [amount] into chat then PM me how much you donated. To donate items, create an [ACCESS] JackBiggin sign on your res containing the items PM me. All donations will be added to the prize fund. You can also random, none Minecraft related junk you've acquired, provided it is virtual or you are willing to directly ship it to the person. Just PM me and I'll list it as a prize. :)

    How are the winners decided?
    For every valid entry then you will get 1 numbered ticket for the giveaway. When the competition ends then I will go onto Random.org, put every number into it and let it choose one. I will screenshot the outcome. The winner wins everything.

    TheTrufflehunter - 1000r
    nab27 - 10000r
    Kells18 - 1000r, sharpness I diamond sword and efficiency I diamond spade
    Glasi13 - 5000r and 64 diamonds
    SpaceShuttleFan - 9 stacks of redstone
    Texy45 - 2627r
    Happyshopper on behalf of the SMP1 Superstore (1783) - 5000r
    Yurigagarin - 5000r

    Wipple4- 10000r
    The competition ends on the 30th June at midnight GMT. The draw will take place when I'm next awake. Yes, staff can enter. Good luck! :)
    (Please don't quote this post. Doing so will automatically disqualify you.)
  2. awesome! heres 1000r

    E) because it has a great community
    M)it has many,many friendly users
    P)great staff
    R)custom plugins!
    E)good site
    M)un-complicated donating system
    I)very little downtime
    N)almost no lag
    E)great custom money system
    C)young-user friendly (not much swearing)
    R)4 worlds!
    A)64th on MCSL
    F)eggifaction! (i didnt spell it right, did i?)
    T) IT'S FUN!

    p.s. this is from another thread and i wrote it, but just sayin...
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  3. That's fine :) You've been given an entry into the draw. Also, thanks for donating! :)
  4. shouldnt i get five entries seeing as i did 15 things i like about emc :p
  5. Nope :p From the OP:
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  6. maybe add the option of the yogiverse as well? ill make a thread
  7. On behalf of the XL Superstore #1783 SMP1 I will donate 5K tonight
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  8. Do I winz yet :)
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  9. Thank you very very much! :)
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  10. If you make a thread then I'll be happy to do so :)
  11. As Jack said, we all love EMC. There is no doubt about it.

    There are many things I could say about EMC, all of the positive. But in order the follow the rules and not have a HUGE wall of text, I will list the top 3 things I LOVE about EMC.

    1) Staff is THE BEST. Can't say it better. They are kind, loving, helpful, and patient. I can see why they are mods. Also the EMC staff responds right away if you have a question. You know that the staff takes up some time of their life to help everyone. That just makes EMC great already.

    2) The community. The EMC community has become like a family to me. They all welcome new members of this family kindly. Everyone is nice and helpful. There are many people founding groups that help their fellow family members. I love the EMC community

    3) Legit survival, no PVP. Really, I just like who this server is run. Mainly its legit survival, no PVP. I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw there was NO PVP on this server. Also, survival is fun, when your with friends and its REAL survival. That's also something that makes EMC great.

    Now this is where I go on and on about, rupees, supporter, can't kill yourself in town, anti-greif, and so on. But I promised...
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  12. One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.
  13. I like emc. Does that qualify? I arez diamond supporter for 200 days.
  14. My entry is being a supporter :p

    I'll try to draw a picture or something later on.
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  15. You fail at grey text!!
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  16. Your entries have been added :) Remember: you don't have to only enter in one way, you can enter once using every way listed.
  17. Then my plan to win will work xD
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  18. On behalf of my daily pay il dontate 5k soon
  19. Prepare for memes.

    The EMC community:
    Cares about new people
    Helps people out <------(the reasons I like EMC, this text is light for a reason)
    Is very friendly
    Has IcecreamCows

    The Team Fortress 2 community, for example:
    Hates new people
    Leaves people hanging
    Is very hostile
    Full of elitists

    Seriously, EMC is the best community I've ever seen online. When you bring together amazing mods and admins, a great community, and top-notch servers, you get EMC. I'm very happy to have come across Empire Minecraft.

    I'd like to close with this quote:

    "We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too." ~John F. Kennedy

    While nobody on Empire Minecraft intends to go to the moon right now, EMC rose to the challenge. They chose the hard thing. They accepted the challenge. And we intend to win it. And at this rate, we will.

    I love Empire Minecraft. ;) (Copypasta from the 100K Giveaway thread)
  20. As justin once said,

    And i like being trolled by epic servers.