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  1. Hello EMC! This is going to be a Camera talk thread where we can talk about what camera's we own and recommendations for new cameras that we may purchase. We can basically talk about anything camera related whether that be film or photography or accessories.

    I currently own 2 cameras as of now the Canon 100D (Left) and the Panasonic G80/G85 (Right).

    I sold my 100d and now I have just the Panasonic camera :)

    Here are some pictures that I took the day of purchasing the G80

    Here is also a failed time-lapse as I didn't realise the aspect ratio was messed up, the time-lapse still worked fine though.

    I also own a gorilla pod with a ball head mount which is helpful for filming and a 160 led light which is nice and portable.

    I also own a 25mm f 1.7 lens for filming with the G80
  2. My GH5 came this morning and I skyved off school so i could set it all up with the lens, UV filters and all the add ons haha its so powerful i've been hyped all day xd set up the setting and preferences with the custom buttons and wil be shooting stills all this weekend for a boat rally and then after that ill start shooting video etc
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  3. Awesome! I would like to see some footage of it :)
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  4. Decent, once i get used to it in around a week ill try and get something looking good but ill send you a pic of it
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  5. I was extremely confused to this camera but I watched loads of videos and just changed settings etc and I am getting the hang of it now.
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  6. I did some light trail photography last night, I like the results :)

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  7. I've got a question about the photos in your first post. Did you have the aperture wide open when you took them?
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  8. For those I just set it to auto to see how the camera handled that (I know you should never do that but I was just experimenting)
    For this image

    Here is all of the settings used
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  9. I took this image at 10 pm during a thunder storm, It was pitch black but the lightning was soooo bright it made it look like day time

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  10. Bump! I kinda forgot about this thread :)

    Thanks 607!
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  11. Why not?
    In all honesty, with newer camera's I've had trouble finding reasons to not use the automatic settings, as they are often quite well-set. :p

    Anyway, I used to be into photography; like, I probably took pictures every day. But then at some point my camera broke... I got a new one, but I didn't find it nearly as fun anymore, as I was missing my own camera.
    Then I lost the battery, or the charger perhaps... and I just gave up.
    I don't really miss it, as I've got more than enough hobbies, but it was nice to do, before I had got a cellphone and iPad. :)
  12. Haha, couldn't you have waited to see if I wouldn't bump it myself? ;)

    Not editing this into my previous post, as you might not notice it that way, in case you get to it before I edit it in.
  13. I've just been told never to shoot in automatic as I should always be controlling what is happening when taking a picture, as your eye is always better than the camera's :p
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  14. In regards to auto, it's a lot quicker and usually better than me but suppose I haven't learned all the fancy ways and things ;) Although I shoot in auto, and while it is usually really good, sometimes I switch focus to manual to focus on something else in a shot if the camera doesn't do it for me. Though generally auto is very good nowadays, it doesn't always know what you want it to focus on, so manual focus can be used easily to enhance shots! I don't have the slightest clue on doing anything with aspect ratio etc though :confused: But auto does most of it for me and does it quite well, I'm happy with the pictures I take, I'm usually more busy finding the perfect position etc!

    I use a Nikon D3200 which was sort of an entry level DSLR but for 24mp and doing it as a hobby rather than a business or anything, it works really well, and I've got some great photos out of using it - where I used to use my iPhone 5 camera. In comparison, well, there is no comparison, because the iPhone can't touch this DSLR. I've had it for a while now but it has never let me down and I'll use it for years to come, I'm sure :D

    My father used a Pentax camera when he was younger, he still has it now though obviously it hasn't been used in a while... makes a good classic show piece though!
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  15. I have the same Pentax I believe lol. I have about 9 cameras most film/vintage. I'll post em up on here when I get home
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  16. I saw a strong orange light blind me through my window so I ran outside and took this image :)
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  17. Coloured flags wavering in the wind...

    What were they for? Or are they there all the time? :)
  18. They are my next door neighbours, I was standing on a chair so their back garden was in the shot xD
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  19. Well, if you hadn't said 'so I ran outside and took this image' but presented it like it was a fully composed shot, I would've totally believed those flags were very carefully timed and framed. ;)
  20. I don't recommend sitting half way out of a window on the third floor of your house but it was worth it for this shot :p
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