Russia Invades Ukraine

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  1. It's scary how Russia had no concern about breaching international law
  2. Stated in the first link, the UN got called right away to meet.
  3. I wonder how this will turn out.
  4. Mini WW3 in Ukraine?
  5. Hopefully not
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  6. There has been talk through a chatroom I'm in that if it goes too far and Russia tries taking over Part of Asia/Europe that there will be a WW3
  7. The UN can hardly do anything though. International law is very sensitive.

    The fact that Russia is doing this, is scary though. They don't have a solid reason for deployment, and the Budapest memorandum states that they can only attack in self defence, and Ukraine is yet to do anything towards Russia.
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  8. We need volt in here, stat!
  9. Russians went there due to rebellion that has been happening in a Russian-controlled part of Urkraine
  10. What is golly???

  11. I still don't know what is golly.
  12. So, someone beat me to it...

    So yesterday, Russia invaded Ukraine, the Crimea region to be more specific. The Crimea region is very Pro-Russian and has a large population of ethnic Russians in it, along with a Russian military base. Right off the bat, I can almost 100% assure you, this won't be WW3, or any major war really. Russian is invading Ukraine not to reestablish the good old USSR, so calm down there you anti-commie american patriot, yes, you in the back row to the left, but more so to still have a "buffer" state next to it. A buffer state is what we like to call a country right next to Russia that acts has a bugger between Russia and Western Europe. These "buffer" states were all at some point a Soviet Republic, including Ukraine. Lots of these "buffer" states have went towards Western Europe/EU/NATO, and that's what the people of Ukraine wanted, which would be bad for Russia, as they would be losing a country that is in a sense, a "protective block" to Russia.

    Now another thing people are pointing out is a treaty that the US and UK signed with Ukraine in 1994 that said that if Ukraine removed all the Russian nuclear weapons from its soil, the US and UK would "protect" Ukraine. This is true in a sense, but not true in that it means that the UK and US will go to war with Russia, but that they will try to end the conflict diplomatically. Yes, who knows, maybe Obama has some bite to go along with his bark, but at this present time, I doubt any Western country will be intervening in this unless Russia threatens NATO/EU states.
  13. lol, for a second I thought I mis-read the articles and potatoes were at risk from those replys...

    Anyways, in my opinion, it's unlikely a WW3 is going to appear, because I'm pretty sure Russia isn't strong enough to uphold the offended and other superpowers and shtuff...

    And a mini world war... Ehm, if it's mini, it's not much of a world war, is it now?

    Anyways, I bet that soon arguments are going to appear after this post. Has fun!

  14. Worst case scenario, Russia gets the part of Ukraine with ethnic Russians, and a short series of battles occurs. I think a World War III would be a bit too far
  15. Not sure how my 3 words got that popular.
  16. In case you need a simple version of what's going on..

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  17. Russia don't even have a solid reason to do this. Also, I expected this when I heard they were gathering military forces outside of Ukraine's borders once the new government was 'elected'.
  18. They do have a reason to do this, just not a "respectable" reason to do this.

    You see, Russia isn't the big superpower it was 20 years ago, but it still has lots of power with the former Soviet Republics. Lots of these former Soviet Republics have slowly started going towards western politics, and this scares Russia. If more of the Soviet Bloc countries go to the "American style", they lose influence in the world. Russia has tried to stop this, with some success. I doubt that Russia will take all of Ukraine, mostly as I doubt that the west will let them, but I have a feeling that they will take Crimea, which is Pro-Russian anyhow.