[RUPEES TIP] The Perfect Mining Gear

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  1. Below you will find Rupees' perfect mining set up, if you have any suggestions or you want to post your own set up, feel free to do so. Let's get into it.

    64 Bread

    Diamond Pickaxe (Unb3/Eff5) - This will be your junk pick, mining all stone.
    Diamond Pickaxe(Unb3/Eff5/For3)- This will be your Emeralds/Coal/Diamonds/Redstone/Lapiz pick.
    Diamond Pickaxe(Unb3/Eff5/Silk1)- This will help you move your furnace and pick up ores.
    Iron Shovel- For the pesky gravel and dirt.
    Water Bucket-For when lava just wants to ruin your day.
    Fire Resistance Potion- For when the water bucket just isn't enough.

    Enderchest- For safely storing your ores and ingots you find.
    Crafting Table- If you need new materials.
    16 Logs- Crafting new materials.
    Furnace- Smelting your ores.
    64 Torches

    This is the set up I use every time I go mining.
    It takes up 12 slots in your inventory, but adds an extra 27.
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  2. I'd say take away the furnace and the crafting table and add another log.
    When you are mining there is enough stone anroud you, the log is pretty much the same thing but you only have to refine it futher
    This gives 2 extra open inv spots. And you shpuld take a few ender pearls with you. Its always useful.
  3. What would you use the pearls for?
  4. I suggest you to also take a sword with you, for the annoying mobs in caves.

    But I never thought of bringing a furnace, that's an amazing idea! What I would probably do, is craft one every time I need it, but it still is a great idea ;).
  5. Usually I don't need a sword, since I strip mine most of the time.