Rupees' Life on EMC

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  1. EMC Goals:
    • 2,000,000 Rupees
    • Get Unbanned
    • Reach 2,000 Forum messages
    • Reach 2,000
    • Gold and Iron blocks of clickyness
    • Empire Prices V5
    EMC Goals Met:
    • Diamond Supporter
    • Ore Buster (Unused) Donated by cadenman2002
    • 1,000,000 Rupees
    • 1,000 Post
    • Diamond Block of Clickyness
    (These are my only goals as of 8/3/2015, I will update/remove/add goals as I complete them)

    Current Project
    Colonial Domination

    Random Facts

    Highest Offer on Head: 75,000 R (Only One in Existence)
    Meteor Bow (12)
    Cupid Bow (3)
    Lucky Bow (2)
    Magical Eggcellent Wand (2)
    Cupid Spawn Egg (3)
    Pot O' Gold (3)
    Freedom Blade (Red)
    Freedom Blade (White)
    Independence Day Firework (2)
    Labor Bench 2013
    Headless Horseman Mask
    Feast for a king

    6065, 7899, 7900 (SMP3
    3314 (SMP2)
  2. cool
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  3. Good goals you have there Nccoryg. ;)
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  4. Nice. I liked your post to help you reach that goal ;)
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  5. Awesome goals! 500 likes won't be a problem ;) 1,000 posts could take a bit longer than the likes.....2,000,000 is a good rupee goal! I'm still attempting to hit 1,000,00 :eek: Joining the Contribution Team is an awesome goal to help the community! :D
  6. Thanks for the likes Chocolate :p
  7. Nice! Question: what are "Diamond, Gold and Iron blocks of clickyness"??
  8. It's so sad reaching a high(ish) rupee goal to only realize it's still not enough. :/
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  9. Good luck on your goals!
  10. These things.
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  11. Wow thanks for all the likes, woke up with 30+ alerts.
  12. Nice, having goals can give you some satisfaction form completing them, but remember to still have fun, that's what it's all about at the end of the day :)
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  13. I'll need you to try extra hard to get clicks next month FD, so I can get gold and iron.
  14. Wow, Rupees wasn't taken yet? That's cool!
  15. I changed it a while ago when name changes were first enabled on MC.
  16. Or you can try a bit less? ;) Hehe, I'll be trying, don't you worry :)

    PS: You might want to press "reply" by the like button so I get an alert saying that you quoted my message for future reference :D
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  17. Yeah I realized that after I posted it. :p
  18. Bump! I'm buying Diamond Supporter tomorrow!