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  1. I know this probably goes under the other rules (such as 9), but I feel that it needs to be explicitly stated to not ask in chat for others to report people without proof.

    For example, minutes ago on SMP1, the following was said in town chat: "Report -name- for stealing my pickaxe!". Sure, the person may have stolen someone's pickaxe, but telling the whole server to report them is just... urgh...

    And I've seen it more and more often. Instead of people just reporting, they're (supposedly) reporting them then telling the rest of the server to do the same. I just think it's something that's bound to cause drama, and fights, and other bad stuff.

    So, my suggestion is, that "Do not ask others to report someone in public chats" is added as a sub-rule of rule 9.

  2. I hate it when people say:

    It gets me very annoyed, and I agree with you Jack.

    You so smart with your gerbil on your profile picture.
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  3. It's a hamster >.>
  4. Pretty much how you were talking about it earlier, Jack. ;)
  5. First off, it's a hamster. A damn cute one at that.

    Second, I like this idea, and I've even gotten a PM asking me to do that.
  6. Yeah, that is def. a hamster i've had 2 gerbils and they look nothing like that :p
  7. I must state I disagree with this, unless people are being pricks (to put it nicely) in chat, and people say, "Just report and ignore him".
  8. That's where the problem comes in.

    Maybe disallow people saying 'Report IcecreamCow for flyhax', but allow it in the sorta situation that you've mentioned (in a generalized kind of way).

    Personally, I can see a clear difference between the two.

    EDIT: So disallow in an attacking way, but allow in a 'defending' way, if that makes any sense.
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  9. I agree completely. Something like this should definitely be taken into account because you never know the whole story and you still report. In the end, if the person being accused is actually innocent, we are only causing them a lot of trouble.
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  10. We just had a moment on SMP1 where we had to remind people to use /report.
  11. I agree, a nice idea! :3
  12. Sure you can add it. I would work well. But if it is really a problem that person should PM a mod.
  13. You make some very good points Jack, also if someone does follow another's instructions to report they are actually putting themself at risk of being banned as for sending a false report ;)
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  14. Its not always false, but yeah ;)
  15. We normally investigate reports, and if they prove to be true, the reporter gets punished, and learns quickly not to do that. I personally give a 2 day tempban for any false reports, even if they're "joke" reports, like players reporting me for flying when I'm running an event.

    The report feature is a serious tool, and those that do not understand that, will find themselves taking a nice break.
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  16. I can just image that -_-
  17. I agree completely agree with this thought jack. I think that if two members have a dispute, they need to attempt to settle it themselves and if it cannot be resolved that way, they need to contact a Moderator. There is no need to involve the whole community. There is no point in trying to turn the whole server against so and so. Thank you, Jack, for bringing this to EMC's attention.
  18. And if you have a serious issue with someone who keeps annoying you, the simplest technique is to just ignore them. Just keep the already busy moderators out of it. Unless it is a serious offense, which breaks the ten rules, then really, dont get a moderator involved.
  19. "OH MY GOD! MAX IS FLYING! /report Maxirias flying"
    Like that? ;)
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  20. If there is someone bothering you, you should always reported. No matter how busy we get, our job is to rid the server of the actions that should resort in using the /ignore. That option is there for things like chat spamming, racial slurs and swearing to prevent you from having to deal with it, until we do.

    No one should ever avoid reporting someone, as moderators, we took this job to be involved. Our workload is never to heavy to help our community.