Round 2, Krysyy

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  1. I was unable to scrounge up 53 feast for a king vouchers, but I did get a few and I placed them in a chest filled with paper and 1 renamed iron supporter voucher.

    As soon as this thread is posted, the private message will be sent asking to redeem my voucher. Let's see if she can do this possible task that is easy to do, but is annoying.

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  2. I see 7. You can't enchant paper so :p
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  3. The enchanted papers are all special.
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  4. What I don't understand is why it's hard to do... wouldn't you just be able to run the cursor over every slot until you see the voucher?
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  5. heh
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  6. ? wat lel
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  7. This is evil. Nice that you posted this at night for her. That alone will cause a wait, and I would be surprised if she would get a chance to do this before her day job tomorrow. In other words, I feel a mixture of amusement and frustration.
  8. It's not hard; it is just tedious.

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