Rooftop ministry hiring

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  1. on sundays at 3:30pm, i will hold a sermon on my rooftop on smp5. it will be about 5-15min, and i will am hiring a choir and a choir leader. if you want one of these spots, come to my res on saturday, november 2nd, 9:45am. i would love to have you working with me :)
  2. This is a game....

    *edit* I would like the job of Asst. Animal Trainer.
  3. Biscuitboy5396 has a point. Don't get me wrong - you have every right to do this, but you might want to clarify what this is about. The idea of "hiring" a choir for this seems strange, but again, your call. Also, I'd recommend doing this in local or residence channel, or with skype or some other live chat program. Nevertheless, good luck with it.
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  4. it is like church in minecraft :)
  5. How would a choir work in Minecraft?
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  6. What time zone?
  7. well slendy, you can't join since you have no mouth :)
    but anyway, i have an idea
  8. central
  9. Seems controversial. Is this meant to be some sort of Christian thing?
  10. yes
  11. As long as it's kept in local or residence chat and doesn't break any rules, I see no controversy.
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  12. i intend to keep it that way :)
  13. You're one to speak on being controversial...

    Before you start bashing:
    6. Thou Shalt Be Respectful And Tolerant Of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, And Sexual Orientation

    Racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual harassment (including harassment of homosexuals), and hate speech, will not be tolerated.

  14. I really don't see the need for religion in Minecraft, as this is a real religion, but if you want to, go ahead.
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  15. and this idea is?
  16. i will tell the choir to memorize the song lyrics, and type them as if they were singing. you can still sing even if you have a bad voice like i do :)
  17. So everyone will have to type these lyrics at the same time, or in pairs?
    Either way, Residence or Local chat will be needed.
  18. ..... I mean why do this at all. Keep Minecraft/Secular things out of Minecraft. I am a practicing Catholic and I really am turned off by this idea.
  19. at the same time, and some people will have a solo :D
  20. that is your thoughts, and i can't change them
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