Rocket League

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  1. Im sure you do lol hit me up when you want to play
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  2. Are you still looking for players? I am diamond 1 on 2s
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  3. Always! Im currently d3 div 4
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  4. Update! Finally ranked up into champion
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  5. I told you that you were good =P When you free to play?
  6. Just got back from a small vacation so most of the day this week
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  7. Hello :D
    Was just wondering if you guys are still playing lol
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  8. Yup :p
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  9. Cool I love this game lol....not the best at it but I try, if anyone would want to play sometime here is my Rocket ID.
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  10. I'll add you next time I'm on! Im in a slump and just deranked out of champion so Im not playing too hot either lol
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  11. Added :) What rank are ya?
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  12. Well to be honest, I never really tried ranked yet....mostly just been playing in casual and never really thought about ranked. I've been trying to work on getting used to hitting the ball mid-air lately, and while I can't hit it all the time I think I'm improving.
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