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  1. Hey EMC so there is an older thread of this bump I didn't want to revive a long dead thread so here's a new one!

    I am straight up addicted to rocket league right now and always looking for new friends to play with.
    I mostly play ranked doubles (Diamond 3) but I'm not far behind that rank in 3's so don't worry about me dragging you down. Leave your tags below if you want to play! I am on Steam as well as Xbox one, whatsthefoxsay1, Whatsthefoxsay1 respectively. If you don't have the game and are just interested in following the esport, I am a Rogue/G2 fan!

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. I haven't played RL in like six months, but last time I played I was Plat 3. Started playing League of Legends instead. If you like competitive games you should try it out.

    I might redownload RL and add you, and we can play a few games.
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  3. I've heard a lot about League but never really got the concept of the game

    And that sounds great!
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  4. It's pretty fun but there's a big learning curve, and people are a bit toxic.
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  5. I assumed lol and to be fair, rocket league either has really nice lobbies, silent lobbies, or extremely toxic lobbies, no in between
  6. My RocketID is in my sig :) Feel free to add
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  7. Added :)
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  8. Didn't get it...
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  9. hm odd I'll try sending it again, if not I'll post my tag

    EDIT: Just sent again
  10. Epic bought Psyonix today.

    I am incredibly angry about this. Epic has already demonstrated that they are completely willing to toss the gamer aside in order to make more money. Their store is crap and so is their launcher, and their exclusives policy is simply anti consumer.

    Rocket League continutes to be a staple of my collection, but I'm very sure that I will leave it behind in the upcoming months because of how I forsee Epic ruining the game.
  11. I just read about this and now I'm very worried. I thought Psyonix adding the Rocket Pass was bad but now whats next?
  12. Pun intended? :D
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  13. I was honestly on board with the Rocket Pass. Never bought it but the studio was still indie and was continuing to provide great responses to the community.

    They threw that all away (I assume) with the news of Epic acquiring them. A total of two people may have wanted this to happen.
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  14. I understand why Epic wanted the company, I just hope they leave the same developers on the game
  15. I hope that this is the case too but I feel like with Epic taking such a stance on the exclusives realm of PC gaming that Rocekt League is going to be a title they milk to death like they have begun doing with Fortnite.
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  16. The minute they begin milking the game to oblivion is when I stop playing. I hope they quite simply leave the game alone, its more or less perfect as is. Obviously every game has its problems but with Epic, I feel like they are going to bring more problems than they fix.
  17. The beauty of owning a ps4 :rolleyes:

    There's a shot me and IceSnake hit :)
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  18. I have made some insane shots I had no business making and forgot to record :(
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  19. Bump! Still looking for players!
  20. I don't make good shots so it could be worse ;)
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