Roblox. Give me the truth

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Do you Hate me

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Hate Yes 4 vote(s) 18.2%
Hate No 13 vote(s) 59.1%
Hate Roblox. 5 vote(s) 22.7%
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  1. Ok.
    This thread yes about roblox.
    Yes about the truth.
    But not about an agurment wether roblox is good or bad.

    Tell me if you hate because i play roblox.

    I have gotten alot of hate in inbox messages on youtube.
    then last night was supposed to be hey... Yay I am a Well-Known-Member. not an AMA.(ask me anything). then someone asked then why do you have roblox in your name... i think he said that because i said I love Minecraft. i replied with a video.... someone said cursing is not allow... so in CaPs i said THIS VIDEO CONTAINS PROFANITY. then another person said that i was breaking the rules becuase i used caps!!!! ERMAHGAD... only on person had congratulated me on being well known.

    SO i want to know wether or not you hate me for liking roblox.

    I will not be staying if you say no... roblox is for losers. or yes i hate you.
    I just get way to mutch crap like that.
  2. I don't hate you for liking Roblox. But I don't like Roblox.
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  3. That is ok... i am not forcing you to like roblox... just i have gotten alot of hate from liking roblox.
  4. I played roblox abit after I first got into minecraft and I never really liked it, but I enjoyed playing with zombies :D
  5. How can people hate your for liking or playing a game? If they don't know you in real live or the way you are, they CAN'T hate you... For me that makes no sense.
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  6. I only posted that caps werent all that welcome because i was just copying moya lol. And i didnt know Roblox was actually something until yesterday, i thought you just had issues spelling haha.
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  7. sorry... welcome to life
  8. And I never said I hated you either.
    All it was a simple question.
    (Which you eventually answered)
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  9. Well, I have roblox too:)
    Why should you EVER hate something for that?
    I don't use it that much though, almost never, cause minecraft is way more fun.
    The only thing I do on roblox is watching the Christians of Robloxia group
    But why should you hate something for that?
  10. no i also never said you hated me
  11. Also, this:
    Is pretty much asking for trolls...
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  12. people do... the video that i had posted... it is the truth... people just would not listen to it though.
    some people just hate on a game that they never try and try to get others to hate it with them...
  13. ?????? WTF i never put hate roblox!!!
  14. .... what moderator or admin did this!!! NAHH they just did it without asking!!! or even posting they did it!!!
  15. Clearly you did. Or was it me?!
  16. I believe a mod edited that in. It was probably C1080.
  17. Sorry to be a negative Nancy here but honestly this is just going to cause trouble.
    1. Nobody said they hated you in your thread that was locked.
    2. They simply stated your video was biased and overly dramatic, posted some information, asked you not to spam caps and stuff.
    3. Now you are posting a poll with publicly view-able results, to see how many members here either Hate You or Hate Roblox.
    4. Judging by the first post it seems you're asking for an argument.
    Just because someone posts their opinion doesn't mean they hate you or anything, they're reminding you of the rules or just giving you their opinion on something. Instead of posting the poll and the post you did, a better thread would have basically just been something like:

    Hey guys! So I play Roblox and I was wondering if there were any others out there who do. I'm looking for some friends who would like to maybe play too. We could share ideas on what to build. Etc.
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  18. as i said... i didnt say people here said that to me... other websites have hated my guts and i just wanna know if it is gonna be the same here
  19. Then there was no point in including it in your thread.
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  20. On the whole, if you're kind and respectful, then EMC won't "hate" you, and you'll gain the respect from other members. On the other hand, if you're a tyrannical rulebreaker who is rude to everyone, then you won't have the best of times here.

    So provided you're not the later, I very much doubt you have anything to worry about. :)
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