Road Edit Rules

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Should this rule be implamented into EMC?

Yes 10 vote(s) 90.9%
No 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. With Emc's growing years many players are starting to quit, sadly. With the leaving many players still do join. As the rules state "The adjacent residence owner needs to agree to the changes. With double roads, you can have the road on your side changed (4 blocks) without needing the adjacent owner's approval. If the owner is derelict, you still need their approval." Many players who have permanent derelict protection also no longer play. I think the rules should change to if the player to where if the player hasn't played in a set time, say 1 year, road edits can be allowed without their consent so long as staff approves.
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  2. +1 That sounds like a very fair idea to me. Maybe shorten it down to 3 or 6 months?

    I definitely agree that active players deserve a little advantage towards inactive players.
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  3. +1 I have ran into this issue myself multiple times
  4. Senior staff will discuss. To help with discussion, can someone who likes this idea explain what changes you would make to a road you share with a neighbor who is permanently derelict protected, or cannot give consent for other reasons?
  5. If the road has previously be edited, by the derelict person. The other person shouldn't be allowed to change them, even if the person is derelict for a while.
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  6. We have a policy currently that the neighbor of a road edit may request a reset of the road to default EMC look if they so choose. This is why prior approval is generally required.
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  7. does this apply if the person has perm derelict protection on their res?
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  8. Yes. The road is not a part of their protection.
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  9. To answer your prior question. I personally wish to make a Ocean themed residence around a player who no longer has played for 13+ months I planned to put a small but reasonable bridge between our residences to work with the theme of my build and allow it to still function. The rules that were previously set up does not allow this. This issue also happens with a player who has quit but due to it needing to be force claimed to be vacant you either need to claim that residence as well or wait a ridiculous amount of time for it to become vacant.
  10. Perhaps a drawing would better answer why the bridge to another person's lot would be necessary here.
  11. I'm Sorry that I cannot draw you up one, not like I can draw to begin with. I planned to have the ocean surround his residence . A bridge system was already required due to the rules for road edits (9-12 res plot) and having custom bridges on all the plots except the one slightly bothered me aesthetically