RMS Titanic

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  1. Well, to follow up in the footsteps of my previous 'big' project (the Technoblade Memorial), I'm planning out another big project. This time, on one of the most infamous ships of the 20th Century, the RMS Titanic. This go around, I got two YouTube playlists to go through for the construction, one on the exterior of the ship & the other for the interior of the ship.

    Ideally, I would love to build it in a Frozen Ocean biome, but I'll settle for any Ocean biome that's big enough for this beast of a build.
  2. Looks epic!

    Lmk if you need any funding, I'd love to contribute for materials
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  3. I'll keep that in mind.

    I realized that I may have the perfect spot already picked out, over by the multiple Ocean Monuments over at my Ocean Expansion Outpost (which, also has a Frozen Ocean biome). So, guess I'll study the videos and make the shopping list.
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  4. Interesting!
    Looking forward to hearing some reports. :)
  5. I'll keep everyone in the loop as soon as I get started on the construction, which will for sure happen as soon as I connect where the Titanic will be to where my 'main' Bulk Storage Unit will be is the desert (via a Nether Access Tunnel).
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  6. started watching the Titanic exterior playlist (more like downloaded it, in case of losing the internet)... holy crapbaskets. The keel itself (which is the bottom edge of the ship) is 425 blocks long. So, I'm looking at about 430-450 total length for the build.

    As for the build as a whole, I will be working on it in the Frozen Ocean biome that I got access to (just gotta clear out the ice first) and part of it will be under water (the bottom 17 layers). Time to break out the sponges...
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  7. When I do the hull on ships I normally build underwater with a conduit, then remove the water once I've build above sealevel... so fun!
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  8. That’s going to look great on EMC! Will you be using smooth quartz blocks instead of regular quartz blocks?
  9. I'll have to keep that in mind once I get started.

    Either smooth quartz or white concrete.

    And, given the proximity of multiple ocean monuments, I'm almost tempted to not do the interior work and just use it as a bulk storage unit for the monuments... almost tempted being the operative words :p
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  10. meh... I'll go ahead and do the interior. The build itself would make one hell of a base.

    That being said, I have both the 10-part exterior design playlist and the 64-part interior design playlist stashed on my Chromebook for use in conjunction with the build (probably ought to grab the Razor Crest vid I've been using as well, just to finish off that build on Mandalore).

    Got a lot of work to do for the Titanic, but once it's done, I'll put off any future 'big' build plans for a while.
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  11. Water works.
    Conduits are absolutely phenomenal for water work.
    And speaking of EMC history:
    How did those humongo ships get made by pirate Raaynn or Lucky's Navy or (others) BEFORE the conduit?!?
    just potions?
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  12. either that or liberal use of sponges
  13. Actually not I, I always built underwater using helmets with respiration. Started with the lowest part of the hull and work up to the waterline. Then I remove the water in the hull.
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  14. that was one of my potential plans for Titanic, along with sponges. I was also entertaining the idea of using lilypads to help out.

    And I guess at how long the ship will be... the sucker's gonna take up about 1/6 of the outpost (going from north to south). Time to start consuming the Pacific Punch Juice Monster by the gallon :p
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  15. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was gonna start work on the Titanic after I connected the build area to the desert outpost expansion (via nether tunnel).

    So, for that part of the pre-Titanic build, I'm collecting the supplies I'll need for the tunnel. Of course, the Labor Bench & Labor Stonecutter will be a part of the construction process (and I'm grateful to have obtained them this year).

    EDIT: Though not related to the Titanic build, I now have plans to do a 'BTAS' Batmobile build, in memory of the late Kevin Conroy, who is best known for being the voice of Batman since Batman The Animated Series.
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  16. Though I haven't put in the rails for it yet, I now have the nether tunnel connecting the Bulk Storage Unit area to the proposed build site of the Titanic. So, here before too long, I should have some photos popping up showing off the construction underway (both exterior & interior, btw).