RFTW Team? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xxANGELWINGSxx, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. It would be awesome if Empire could make a Race For The Wool Team and try to win a tournament. I'm open all weekend so we can get started if anyone cares. Also, please, tell me your experience in PvP, and when you are available(Put time zones into consideration). Also, skype is a +. DONT BE A WUSS.jpg
  2. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/race-for-wool-or-any-other-league.1883/

    There has been interest but not enuff. I think the general opinion is to have some EMC teams/games.

    As for EMC hosting... Im not so sure, as previously discussed, its PVP.

    Saying that, Id suggest if we can get enuff people together we just play a couple of friendly games to start with. I can host games, I have decent server going spare ( well its not decent but enuff for 8 players :) )

    I can play GMT past 6pm days or pretty much any time over the weekends.
  3. You seem to have enough people to have 1-2 Teams enter. This may be possible if someone starts running their mouth on servers.
    We may only need 4 People. 8 for scrimming, ofc. Also, it is going to be Map 2(Direct Fire)
    If we get 2 more people.
  4. I will play if you need more people.
  5. Just one more person.
  6. I was going to
    But then I saw that skype was a requirement
    So I didn't join.
  7. For you, Ill make an exception.
  8. can i join the team im experinced rfw player
  9. Hey I havnt got a reply yet so i guess im not on the team. So, can i atleast watch?
  10. Ill join, keen to try this out :) I got another month of holiday before im off to University :)
  11. Pratice tomorrow at 12 EST, make sure you are on.
  12. You can be in.
  13. ok wheres practice server?
  14. Damn, got work then :/
  15. What server do we practise on?
  16. I can host the game.
  17. Ok whats the server IP?
  18. ill PM it to people later
  19. May i join?