RFW 29th Jan 5PM GMT

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  1. Please state if you want to play tomorrow. We can organise teams if enough people want to do it.

    If you cant make 5PM please suggest when you can.

    If you dont know when 5PM GMT is... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=5PM GMT :)
  2. Aww...
    I'm GMT - 8 so I'll be busy at that time. :(
  3. I can I think I'm in the UK :)
  4. @Crazy: how much later do we need to go?

    I could go up to 2 hours later...

    Please everyone leave when you can play - I have to go out now so wont be checking this till tomorrow morning.

    Someone feel free to step up and organise.
  5. I think I have Sunday conflicts throughout the entire day, sorry. :( (Or at least the entire day you'd be available)
  6. Who is in?
  7. Me if you want ;)
  8. GMT is Greenwhich Mean Time?
  9. Could we do this next weekend?
  10. USe Best server ever signature by the way squizzel
  11. im eastern time so i have no idea what it would be for me...
  12. well 5 GMT is now xD
  13. its basically now :)
  14. oh ok whats the server ip?
  15. there is only 3 of us atm...

    ill tell you the ip when we have enuff people
  16. ok im always game for a 2 on 1. Lets do it!
  17. can i join
    ;) plz
  18. No you can't :) just kidding its not my decision.
  19. removed.