[REWARD] Find SMP8 Pub. Util. Witch Hut

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by AmusedStew, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. So, the witch farm project is something the public utilities people are working to start. However, they need a witch hut to start. See the quote for info:
    Edit1: Khixan said that we can go far out. Must make sure that it is in 100% swamp. And new terrain.

    So, you can see- they want a hut near the other public builds listed here or at least Wild North on 8.
    Suppose you already have a hut that fits their criteria- I will still reward you for that. The witch hut and surrounding area will become smp8 public utilities land so don't offer some spot in the middle of your outpost.
    How to submit a location for Khixan to review:
    Start a PM with Khixan here. Send photos of the location with the coords. I am guessing (idea for this little scavenger hunt type thing just came into my head so I will send her this link after I hit 'create thread' lol) that she will go look at the area and see. I will have her then PM me with your player name if the location works out.
    What is the reward?:
    The reward is 350,000 rupees from myself. If you are interested in adding to the pool for this project let me know, however it is not needed. :)
    So uh, get looking!
  2. hey man XD i win sorta i have 1 but it is 30k out and i have to redeem my self i failed so hard X-X i found 4 dec 1s and this is the only good 1 i found
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  3. Might not work being close to the other utilities. The area has to be either newly discovered now or discovered after 1.8. Anything before 1.8 is most likely broken.

    Also need to be 100% sure witches spawn in it and that it's 100% in swamp biome. This means standing on each block of the roof to verify.
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  4. man how on earth are u not in charge of this project ?

    EDIT it is in a freaking ocean there will not be a witch hut for a very long way
  5. Holy moly Stew, WOW! Thank you so much!
    Sushi Drop and Hot Rods are the furthest out the public utilities currently go. I've no issue extending a nether connection to where ever a working witch hut is found. Wild North would be ideal since we already have Hot Rods on the nether side there, and we have future plans for adding a nether transportation hub for Wild North.

    EDIT: ThaKloned is in charge of the technical build for the witch hut. I know we'll have to go find swamp and a new witch hut and that it may be a haul. That's why we'll cut through the nether to it. Much faster.
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  6. I will add in.
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  7. It's the only way it can be done. Unfortunately you cannot artificially produce a witch hut. It's one of the few farms that must have specific things in place.
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  8. expect to go 30k out minimum the newly loaded chunks will make it a lot easier
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  9. Stew I can pop on when I get home and find a hut. Will examine the map and find some new land, hopefully as close as possible.
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  10. That is huge! I might have to go out and explore if I can
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  11. Looking at the map there seems to be some undiscovered area's within 20k of spawn in the direction of Gold Farm.

    Also an ungodly amount of Mooshroom islands. Hoggin them all eh.
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  12. Took a chance on this undiscovered, partial swamp:

    We now must prepare an eviction notice :(

    Will do a few more tests to see for sure but from my experience, this is a good sign.
  13. Let me know if it happens to work. You can take the reward for yourself if it does :p.
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  14. Killed the witch and another popped up immediately. Hopped on the roof and 100% swampland. We has a usable hut and not terribly far from other utilities. Just under 20k out from spawn North.
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  15. Woo Hoo! Pop some signs on that bad boy ThaKloned please :D I'll get a convo going later tonight or tomorrow for the witch hut build, cheers :)
  16. What shall it say?
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  17. Future Site of SMP8 Public Wild Utilities Witch Farm :D Lol, it can say anything, just claim that sucker in our name man :D
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  18. :D Claimed!
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  19. Ready to rock! :cool:

    I've also created a schematic of the hut just incase something happens. This way I will know exactly where to build. Also started laying out the borders around the hut area. This border will be the min. distance to dug from. Would be best to go further back to minimize other spawns.
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  20. Let me do the mom thing and I'll start rallying the troops :) What are the main things I should have people haul out? Tools, food, chests, and torches? Anything else?
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