Reverse Auction - SC Mineral Mincers

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  1. Items - 27 Mineral Mincers (Single chest)
    Starting bid - 1,000,000r
    Minimum bid decrement - 10,000r
    Auction ends one week after the last valid bid.


    In case you are unable to parse the definition of 'one week', here are some alternatives to a week's time.

    - 1/2 a fortnight
    - 7 days
    - 700 ke
    -6048 x 10^26 yoctoseconds
    - 0.6048 of a megasecond

    Happy bidding :)
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  2. There is a problem with your alternate times for a week. 1/2 a fiscal quarter is not one week. 1 1/2 is variable to be 7 or 8 depending on quarter.
    I have removed it completely for this reason.
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  3. Fair enough. How about 6048 x 10^26 yoctoseconds?
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  4. Added and also changed your megasecond. Per google, yours was incorrect.
    For anyone confused, just read the 7 days bit.
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  6. Clearly Krysyy is wrong then.
    Basic math

    1 megasecond = 1000000 seconds
    1 day = 24 hours = 1440 mins = 86400 seconds
    1 week = 7 days
    86400 seconds x 7 = 604,800
    Therefore 604,800/1000000 = 0.6048 megaseconds in 1 week

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  7. Lmao, I clearly am not awake. Good thing I didn't get in a car wreck on my way here...

    I actually meant to correct your original one since just the decimal was off. Then somehow I left my desk, returned, and started doing math for 1 day instead. Corrected again in OP =P
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  8. Lmfao I don't think any of us are awake, being awake before noon during the summer is just an aftershock of caffeine ;)
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  9. Adults with any job other than teacher don't have leisurely summers. I can't use that excuse. Anywho, no more side railing comments from me.
    Let the reverse auction proceed.
  10. Am I out of place by saying that all these posts are violations because no valid bid was made? Yes! I get to join that group today. I mean, I have 10 mineral mincers but not a sc. Impressive ask!!!
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  11. They were all directly referencing the OP which establishes the auction, so it's all good in the hood (the EMC hood of course). :)

    Bid on ;)
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  12. Just saying i don't think your gonna get bids that low, Its only 37k per mincer...
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  13. Thank you for your opinion. Your input has been fully noted. :)
  14. I forgot I was in reverse auctions. Totally thought of reg auctions. I retract my stupid statement. lol. Love all of EMC!!
  15. Trump hump bump
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