Returning to EMC -Formerly Chewsy4

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Did you used to know me?

Yea! I'm so glad your back! 16 vote(s) 61.5%
I think I did but I'm not entirely sure, the name rings a bell. 9 vote(s) 34.6%
Nope, you're new to me! 1 vote(s) 3.8%
  1. Hey there, some of you may know me, some of you may not. If you recognize the name Chewsy4, it's likely you used to know me.

    Before I say anything, I'll reintroduce myself. Hey, I'm Chewsy, you can also call me Dakota if you want. I'm Agender, meaning I don't identify as Male or Female however you can still use He pronouns for me, or They if you prefer that. I'm obsessed with more punk/rock/alternative music and I'm an Artist!
    If you have anymore questions about me feel free to ask me, I don't bite ^^

    Also I just noticed my player's over 800 days old oh my xD

    I used to play on Emc AGES ago, until I grew a little out of minecraft and only started playing minigame servers with friends, I even threw a huge drop party as a goodbye for myself if that makes any sense at all?

    Lately I was thinking if I actually should join back, If I would I would start from ''semi-scratch'', using only a few blocks i owned in my storage and the things i left in my vault to make a new res. My friend convinced me to do so, now I'm back!

    First off, If you did know me I would ask you to please not mention anything I've forgotten about or done badly in the past.
    The past is the past, I was on this server ages ago and I do regret a lot of things I did then, but I've matured a bit more to know I was pretty stupid back then x'D

    Now, to everyone who entered in my drawing service a long time ago.
    Yes, I understand I haven't done a lot of your orders. I have changed a few things. I'm accepting for you to ask for full refunds, if you don't want a refund and still want your drawing, if i can find the old post I will be making the entries as sketches only. I have improved greatly in skill, i know, but it takes me forever to even make the drawings and I can't exactly remember how many were waiting but however many you have two options. To the people who donated, i dont think im gonna accept refunds since it was a donation? But whatever if you REALLY want it back... I might even re-open the service for sketches but it's very unlikely at this point :> So yea, anyway if you DO remember me please tell me, I wanna see who's still on the fourms and whatnot. I'll be on SMP8 if anyone wants to meet me, see ya!
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  2. I think I saw you... once. Anyhow, welcome back to EMC. We are going to enjoy having you back :)
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  3. Welcome back to EMC! :D
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  4. Welcome back :)
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  5. CHEWSY!!!!

    *stops screaming with excitement and composes herself*
    Welcome back!

    Edit: For Staff that wonder where I got my amazing avatar from in Slack, this person is the artist =)
  6. aaa hello there xD
  7. Ah, Chewsy? Welcome back :)
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  8. I've seen this name before, welcome back :)
    I also remember your drawing service
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  9. I remember you. :) Welcome back!
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  10. Jeez, I remember when you were here... I'm getting kind of old... Welcome back, hope you enjoy whatever new features and people we've gathered over the years. :)
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  11. Welcome back! Missed you :)
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  12. Hi Chewsy. I remember seeing the name around. Welcome back. :)
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  13. Welcome back to EMC!
    The name rings a bell.
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  15. OMG YOU'RE BACK!! Im not sure you remember me but I sure remember you!! :D Welcome back!!
  16. Welcome back :)
  17. Absolutely! Welcome back to the Empire!

    Yeah, the cool drawing artist and the one with the small but cozy shop. I made the pictures but I think I never got around to the review and eventually stopped doing that entirely.

    Note to self: add to friends list :p

    Nice to see you back. And I can well imagine that eventually things can become a little boring over time. I think we've all experienced that one. And nothing helps like taking a bit of a break from things and then try again later. Well, I hope you'll enjoy. As you could expect quite a few things changed in between :)

    Right now we can teleport to each other when we're in a group (see /invite and /gtp commands), we have new shop signs (you no longer need to memorize irky codes: put a # on the last line of the sign, left click with the item you wish to sell or buy and presto!) compasses are awesome and I think that roughly sums up most updates since your departure.

    Well, I got lucky I guess :) hehe, I used the profile picture for months but decided last week to temporarily switch to the 3D one I'm now using (also because never used it). But I still have your drawing of my avatar and made sure to keep it in a solid backup too :)

    .... then I vote we're out of luck. Not sure if I donated (think so) but as you said: a donation is a donation, not a loan. Besides: loans are illegal (sort off) so best not to give anything back :D

    But yes, I remember you :)

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  18. YOOOOOOOOOO! Welcome back CHewsey!
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  19. I remember seeing you on utopia and da FORUMS.

    Welcome back ma man
    how many iron blocks would you like
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