Return Of Nether Spleef Beta Test!

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  1. Some of you may remember the Nether Spleef Arena that Dark_Liz created nearly 2 years ago. Sadly, it got destroyed with one of our resets but we've re-created it in the name of the "Dark_Liz Nether Spleef Arena".

    We don't have an official set of rules YET, but if you want to take part in our first BETA tests of it. Long story short is, it's a giant spleef arena. If you lose, you die, so don't bring anything that you don't want to lose.

    Join SMP1 and type: /v netherspleef to join it.

    We'll start in about 10 minutes!
  2. You bet!
  3. But I go to sleep in 2 min :(

    How long with this arena stay for or how often will you guys have one?

    Who is dark-Liz?
  4. A member who was on ages ago, not sure if still on tho
  5. Wasn't he Russian?
  6. It was a lot of fun to play. The one thing I think i have to add is possibly making death spawn you in an observation room. Mods probably already had considered something like this. I just thought i would mention it. But otherwise great fun. I think this is a great addition.
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  7. Ninth. Anyway, finally!
  8. ;-(
    Another great event in the middle of my school time :'(
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  9. I remember betting a sucker out of 300r on that Arena. Good times.
    I'll go check it out.
  10. School!!!!!!

    I have to go to bed!!!!!
  11. The best mod ever. Still remains the best
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  12. Sadly another event I shall miss. Nice to see Nether Spleef back! Have fun and good luck players. :)
  13. So he quit?
  14. It was awesome :D
  15. along all members I can't fined dark liz
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  17. Will she ever come back?....
  18. *He