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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    So, I'm 607, you might know.
    I have a GBC and GBA sp and also, now, a nintendo Wii. We also have an Atari 1040ST and I really like that:p. So, I like to play retro. I have games like wario land and super mario bros deluxe. I also played older classics for computers, like Dizzy:)D) and Lemmings (Also :D). I would like to know if there are other gamers around here, that understand me and know what I'm talking about:) I know really much about gaming, so I can talk with most of the people, I think. At first I thought I had to search for a gaming forum, but I thought:"Hey, maybe there are also people on EMC who I can talk with. Just like MLP, we also have that fangroup" So, are there other gamers around here? What was your first game? What games do you like? What handhelds/consoles did you have? That's point one of this thread.

    Also, I want to ask if there are people who have old games that they don't play that much anymore. I am searching to buy old games, but it's really tiring to search on ebay all day, so, when you have old games and/or handhelds, could you tell me which ones, and I we can maybe fix a nice price.

    So, long story short, this thread is just to check if there are any people around who are familiar with gaming.

    Ps:This thread is not about minecraft, angry birds, and that kind of games, remember.
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  2. My first 'Real game' was... a w.o.r.m.s one for Nintendo DS.. Not talking the DS light either I had the original one...
    It was also my first console...
  3. I think my first game was Medal of Honor: Airborne when I was six. It was on the Wii. Believe me, my parents let me play war games as long as it had no nudity in it. Or any other inappropriate things in it. However, I have Borderlands 2 :p
  4. I think almost everyone started off with a nintendo lol
    (Ps3 Player!!!)
  5. My first console was the N64 where I remember playing Super Mario and Mario kart :p When I was younger I always was a big fan of Nintendo, but when I realized how good PC's and xbox's were I stopped buying their products as they are just lagging behind with the times, I do still however have a Wii, but I haven't used it in like a year and it's just gathering dust. I have at times in the past dug out the old N64 and played some of the games, they're so enjoyable and simple it's great. I also did used to sell old gamecube games on Amazon and Play.com however I don't anymore, I have sold most of the valuable ones (ones that go for around £10)
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  6. BL2 :p
  7. Wow, I didn't expect that... First game on ds or wii? My first game was Super Mario Bros Deluxe, 1999. And that while I'm only 14:p Also, only a few hours ago I was gaming on our Atari, with games out of 1987XD
  8. My first game was... I think finding Nemo... xD
  9. For what console or handheld? Or was it pc or computer? Lol, there are so many finding nemo games
  10. DS :p
  11. I started with the Game Boy Advanced(GBA). I only played 2 games on it: Super Mario Bros. 3 (All Stars Edition) and Pokemon Sapphire. I still buy Nintendo's consoles, and I'm actually using the Wii U to type this message.
    My favorite nintendo consoles are the generation VII consoles(Wii and DS) because this was like their 'comeback' from the Gamecube where they started to make unique products.
    Although the Wii U had started with poor sales after the launch dates, I say that it will get better starting later this year like what happened with the 3DS. Think about all of the First-Party games announced from E3: Pokemon, Mario Kart, etc.
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  12. I remember playing my brother's SNES and N64. I don't remember what the first game I played was. My first handheld was a Gameboy Color, and my first console was a PS2 (my brother had a Gamecube so I got the PS2).
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  13. Yay! Gameboy color:p Do you remember what color? I have the yellow one.
  14. The first console I played was my dad's NES. I remember being little and he, mom and my uncle would stay up late playing and I'd be there until I fell asleep. I remember we always played Mario Bros. 3. Next was a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog. N64, PS2 then we got PS1's for our rooms cause they were cheap at that time. From then it went on to Game Boy Advance, GBA SP.
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  15. I started off with a Gamecube :3 Mario Cart Double Dash. I do remember playing the N64 though.
  16. I had blue.
  17. Super Mario Bros 3? Is it a good game?
  18. My first console was the Gameboy Advanced, however as a kid I had access to the NES, SNES, Genesis, Nintendo 64, and PSOne. I have also played many ports and emulations of older games. I am currently in the market for a Sega Dreamcast as well, if anyone knows how to get one cheap.
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  19. Yes it is. We loved it. I dunno if that was mostly because it was the first game we had that was multiplayer or the fact mom and I had bad jump timing/kissed Goombas and Turtles a lot.
  20. Mario Kart: Double Dash is the greatest Mario Kart ever.
    If you are looking for a good Mario game, Super Mario World for the SNES is the greatest Mario game ever made.