Restriction on acceptable usernames.

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  1. This is a very serious post. On Smp6, I have noticed several inappropriate usernames used by players. I do not want to say exactly what they are, but I will say they have to do with certain illegal pharmaceuticals. It is not cool to have a drug-related usernames a community friendly server system. I do not understand why they make them, but I think there should rules on what people can make their characters named. Leave a comment on what you think.
  2. There are rules against inappropriate usernames. PM the mods the names.
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  3. I 100% agree with you. Its like they are being inappropriate every time they talk in chat.
  4. Yes I've seen drug related usernames on these servers. Do I really care. I am going to say no BECAUSE at one point or another you've been on another server that someone says something or has a innapropro username. The one I saw I did really mind, but if the name has a sexual jester, yes, that is very inappropriate
  5. Ive seen lots of players get banned because of their username. >.>
  6. Well, I'm glad I was young when I made mine cause I probably might of put a bad one XD (notice: I misspelled my username XD)
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  7. :confused:
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  8. I agree with you derp. I have seen two inappropriate
    names on smp6 I'm against drugs
  9. im against pigs, dont see me complaining tho do ya?
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  10. the real question is do you want to lose potentially good players simply because some folks dont like no-doze, lunesta, preperation h etc? people paid for those names and as long as there isnt obvious profanity i think its just silly to even consider this.

    if its that big of an issue couldnt you limit their town chat? cant annoy that many people if they can only speak through pm's
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  11. Innapropro as in drugs or sexual?? Yeah also if u have an issue GUESS WHAT :D /ignore Cocainking Yes I've seen them too!
  12. Maybe they could PM an admin to "disguise" their names (like give them an appropriate name) so that instead of the inappropriate name showing on the tab/chat screen, it shows up the "disguised" name. Of course this should only be available to people who genuinely want to play EMC, and are really sorry for their username. Some of them may not be able to afford to buy another minecraft account, so they have to make do with what they have. (And name disguise should only be allowed for people with inappropriate names)

    By banning these people straight away because of their name.. just doesnt seem fair. And of course there will be people that will argue that if they choose to have these type of names, they should be banned :p
  13. There used to be a member named BlackTequila, that's acceptable I guess because they used to be a pretty regular member. I think I've seen a couple that had "drug" related names but nothing was done. I've seen people with profanity in their names and nothing was done unless they started trolling. I think it just depends. Then again I don't get the appeal of having poop in my name and there are people with that in their names.
  14. sometimes you make names based off your mood/age/the server you plan on playing on first/etc i just think alot of discretion needs to be used before instantly casting off someone cause of a name they paid for
  15. That would involve recoding Residence, Empire and pretty much every other plugin.... it's hardly practical.

    They've always got the chance to buy another account.

    Oh, and there are naming restrictions:
    /p irapeurchickens
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  16. Ask yourself this, If a parent walks into a childs room, looks at there game, and sees the chat log full of a drug related word, would the parent be upset?

    If the answer is yes, then that name is not allowed on EMC.

    In that case, yes it is worth "losing a potentially good player", because losing 2 players is worse than losing 1 player.

    We've had 1 user become not allowed to play here by their parents because of a player named TerryDaTerrorist... a pretty harmless name, but it shows you how strict some parents are.

    A single player is not worth potentially losing more than 1. If they had bad judgement to consider choosing such a bad name, they have potential to make even more bad judgement while on EMC, and therefor they will be removed.

    Please /report any inappropriate names and they will be dealt with.
    Then they will have to write it off as a mistake learned in life and purchase another account, where they will have less trouble on MC Servers in general.
  17. Yup and iSMOOCH had to /ban someone before they got out of the tutorial because their name was bragging about the size of their ladyparts. I've even had to report someone with a certain C word in their name. You can go through the graveyard on SMP1 and see many names that have Gay in them or other homophobic slurs.
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  18. kids these days :/ oh well, i tried sticking up for the nameless faceless masses back to work then.
  19. What masses are you referring to?... We are like a public school. We accept everyone at first, but if necessary, we cast out the trouble makers. If a kid wears an inappropriate shirt to school, they must leave or change their shirt. Here on EMC, if you come on with a bad name (just like an inappropriate shirt), you have to leave with that shirt, but you can return with an acceptable name. The school doesnt care if you paid for the shirt, it breaks rules. EMC doesnt care if you paid for the account, it breaks our rules. Or we can look at it like EMC is a casino, and the bad names are dirty beggars. If you are homeless, dirty, or inappropriately dressed, and you walk into a casino (Vegas), they will get you out as soon as you can. Why? Because you could scare away many potential good customers. On EMC, if you log on as an inappropriate name, they ban you as quick as possible. Why? Because (like Aikar said) they dont want you to "scare" away multiple other good players.
  20. Agreed,.... What's MEC?? XD don't worry I'm jkjkjk182-ing
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