[Resolved] Is the "MC chat" app allowed?

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  1. I happened upon an android app called "MC Chat" that basically logs you in to your Minecraft account via your phone and allows you to converse with other players as well as run commands, but not actually play. Your player is actually in the world and can receive damage. It says to check with the server admins to see if it is allowed because it can set off some anti-cheat software, though as far as I am aware it is not a cheat at all. I've seen other people mention it so I figured I would get the official Ok before I logged in with it.
  2. It is legal :)
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  3. Thank you!:)
  4. Did you get the app to work? It wouldn't connect to EMC for me; it said it was the wrong version.
  5. Yes, it works.
  6. Yes I use it myself some times.
  7. Well unless one of you knows I'll tinker with it until I get it to, thanks.
  8. Are you using Minechat? MC Connect is much better, in my opinion. Less connection problems
  9. Yeah MCChat wouldnt let me connect. Could only choose 1.7.9 so it said it was the wrong version.
  10. Yeah that's what it was! I don't think 1.8 is in the app menu. Have any of you connected since the update?
  11. MCChat is the only one i can find on android
  12. I have.
  13. Yes. I have, using minechat for iPad. You don't even need 1.8 though, EMC is still on 1.7.
  14. Got it working, sort of. It says wrong version and tapping it displays an error, but holding down on the screen and choosing connect that way works. Thought I'd share in case it wasn't just me and HeIusion.
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  15. I only see server messages, no chat. Anyone else have this problem?
  16. When people are actually chatting, you mean?
  17. Chat, as in the things people say. As opposed to server messages.
  18. Yes, but I mean, are you sure people are actually talking? I mean, it could also be that nobody actually said something.
  19. Yes, because I've said things myself to test it.
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  20. There's another Minecraft chat app - MC Connect - but it stopped working last week. It relies on a server maintained by the developer and that server seems to be down.
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