Residences: Remove/Modify the "dig in your own res" message

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  1. First of all, before some random non-staff person desperately rushes to chastise little old me:

    Yes, I checked the already suggested list, I didn't see it.
    Yes, I checked to make sure no one else made a thread about it recently, I didn't see one.
    Yes, if you actually try to look, you'll find two. They are mine, and they are old.

    Now, onto the subject of my suggestion. ^_^

    You know when you're digging out your res and you use your Efficiency V shovel on town dirt by accident, and you get this:

    Isn't it really irritating? I would really like it to be modified. Maybe after you've been on the empire, say, six months, you can have the option to turn this message off. Or maybe the staff can make it slower so it doesn't spam. I hope you guys (the staff) don't think I'm harassing you, my intention is just to bring this subject into the spotlight every now and then so it eventually gets put on the to-do list. I don't care if it's years from now, I just want to see it happen. You'd think this one little thing wouldn't be so irritating, but it is. o_o I dig out my reses all the time, or sometimes I'll just be getting rid of dirt platforms underground and it happens.
  2. Possibly make it display the message once every 10 seconds?
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  3. I hate this, so I think this is a very good idea:
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  4. If the material under the roads were something other than Dirt we would not need a message to tell us we hit the edge of our Residence. That would probably take a lot more work than just turning off the message.
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  5. IDEA: Have under the roads be this nice block
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  6. Sorry but not really willing to do this :/ It would complicate residence logic greatly, and for something as "core" as that, we do not want that complicated.
  7. it i
    it is not "feasible" to change the world road designs. It would be a manual process for every server in every part of town...

    That can't happen lol. That's why rather just design a new town design =P
  8. Dat nice block though...

    EDIT: Is it possible for me to change my residence to that?
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  9. Thanks Aikar. Now that I know it's not possible, I will no longer continue to ask for it. I think I'll just turn chat off when I'm digging under my res, it's not the best solution, but it will save my sanity. :p
  10. Well I have an idea to limit it spamming so much at once, so it will reduce spam.
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  11. If that would work, that'd be helpful, but I understand that you and the other developers are working on a lot of stuff right now, and this is probably at the veerry bottom of the priority list.
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  12. I already finished the rate limiting change :) Itll be out with next update
  13. Very nice, thank you. :D
  14. Aikar's running System messages through the Spam filter, haha.
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