[SUGGESTION] Default server messages.

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  1. Hey all, im here as a long time EMC player and supporter asking and begging to be able to turn off Res enter and leave messages and the message that comes up when ya destroy a block outside of your residence. I think that its kind of obvious that if someone has the sense to turn the messages off, then they grasp the consept that you can only build in claimed spaces. At the least could you add a 10-30 second cooldown. And coming from a player with multiple residences, I find that it gets extremely annoying when im building over my res's and the enter and leave messages are spamming my chat. I mean, isnt one of EMC's rules not to spam chat and yet, these systems almost allow faster spam than anything else. Ill include 2 screenshots to demonstrate what i mean and show you the situation I was in when I made this thread.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong however I think you can simply type "/c status" or something like that to disable these messages. However if I'm wrong it would be very useful having the ability to turn of those messages especially the destroying blocks one ;)
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  3. Nope.

    I've done this clientside - will grab the scripts for anyone who wants them in a bit.
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  4. Thanks, sounds good ;)