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    Hey there fellow EMC members!

    Do you have a residence in town that you want to show to the entire community?
    Would you want the Stream Team to feature it in a YouTube video?
    Well then, look no further! :D

    I am taking on the job of doing Residence Spotlights for the Stream Team!
    And the process could not be any easier than it is (thanks to JackBiggin)

    Just fill out the form below and we will do the rest!

    Residence Spotlight Submission
  2. I like this idea!
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  3. can we nominate someone else?
  4. You can let them know about this :p
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  5. what happens if you want to showcase a build that you built with other people?
  6. There is a place to add them in on the questions :D
  7. This is awesome I will be referring to myself, me, and I soon :p
  8. shoutout to g easy
  9. Yes this is awesome. Also that embedded survey is pure trickery.
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  10. I adore this idea! Everyone works so hard on their res's and are proud of their builds! I am excited to see the talent that is on EMC. I have seen some builds that just absolutely mystify the mind. Makes it exciting and challenging you want your builds to be recognized especially for all of the hard work you put into them. Good job everyone and hope to see the builds soon!!! :) <3

    Peace & Love
    ~Skitz <3
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  11. I love this idea too! Maybe you could choose the top ten and let the community vote on five. Just an idea!

    -Katelynn :p
  12. I just discovered this thread and I agree: it's a brilliant idea.

    However, I do have one small point of criticism: why can't we point you guys to other people's residences?

    It's not as if I can take credit for other people's work because the residence information will clearly show you that I don't have access. It's also possible for you guys to check up with the owner to see if the build is actually theirs or if it got build by someone else.

    Thing is: I know of several awesome residences on the Empire (and not just on SMP2!) because I like to wander. But this means that I cannot send in any of those, which seems a bit off to me. I mean: if the owner allows everyone to enter their residence, then why shouldn't I be able to tell you guys to go check it out as well?
  13. Or to add on to that, if you have some built on your res by a build group and you'd like to show it. With credit to them of course.
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  14. I submitted one, the build should be finished in the next week
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  15. i just submitted one for my battcave :)
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  16. Tree is posted.