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Discussion in 'Official Empire Guides' started by JackBiggin, May 28, 2013.

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  1. *** Check the wiki *** http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/senior-staff-services/
    Due to some things being tedious or impossible to done by players, the Senior Staff offer a limited set of services to enhance your Residence. Do not ask Senior Staff to modify your res in any way not listed here, as they will not do so. Contact the senior staff via forum PM for any of these services.

    Dirt Clearance
    Cost: SMP: 60k | Utopia: 120k
    Have all the dirt/grass (and only dirt and grass) removed from your res. If you'd like only a portion removing, this may be available - at staff discretion.

    Road Building
    Cost: 10k per road/40k for all roads around a res - player supplies materials
    Have the road between your reses in town decorated to your needs. You will not gain the ability to build on the road, but a senior staff member will edit it to your requirements.

    You must own (or be in an agreement with the owner of the other res - and include them in the PM) both reses that connect to the road.

    For double/main roads, a regular 10k cost covers both roads, provided you own both reses connected to that road. However, if you own only one res connected to a main road, you can have the part of the road touching your res edited. You can't currently have the trees or lamps replaced/removed, but this option is currently being discussed by staff.
  2. Heheh I had the first utopia clearing months ago before this was official :)
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  3. phew
    I got a road between my res's storage and my friends res about a month ago, and then about a week later, I asked for some decoration and bigdavie said it was 10k

    decoration, I can live without it
  4. Jack, How about being allowed to delete the road if you own both reses and combine them? Is that the same thing?
  5. That would be road building, as you'd be editing it to fit the theme of the 2 reses.
  6. So you can't build there even if the residences are connected?
  7. Correct.

    The only exception is you can build above level 128, since you always can.
  8. Well, that ruined my plans :(
  9. You can always get the Senior Staff to place what you want there, as the guide explains.

    I'm fairly sure 99% of things can be done with that. :)
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  10. Hey Jack
    Do you think they will decorate it more or? Or would they "only" be the y=60 2 wide connection?
  11. These all have excellent pricing :eek:
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  12. shouldnt a double road just be 20k? maybe 25k for the planter section
  13. Wow haha 60,000 for a regular res dug out... ._.
  14. We're not so much discussing pricing but more how it should be done. :)

    A lot like the Empire Shop this is a rupees sink, that's why it's fairly expensive. :)
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  15. You forgot to mention:

    Residence connection - Having the dirt between residences removed

    Floor and Wall tiling - Having the wall and floor between residences tiled as long as you have the materials

    I can't remember how much I was charged for them though, as I got three residences done in a bulk lot.
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  16. These come under road building. :)
  17. Awesome, think it'd be nice to have some clarification there so people realise it can mean underground as well as overground. :)
  18. Exactly! Lol it is all the same price everywhere :D
  19. IcC told me the trees/lamps could not be taken down between my res's so i am guessing that would be the same for fountains also.
  20. Question; what about only allowing certain blocks to be broken, like it was done with Jack's Spleef?
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