Residence flags

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  1. Is there a way to set residence flags if you are not physically on that residence? Like if you were in the wild and wanted to allow someone container access for example.
  2. Yeah, absolutely. It can be done by providing the residence name (or number I think, I always use the name) with an exclamation mark. SO, say I'm in the (smp2) waste and I want to give container (chest) access to GripCEO (my alt) then I'd use this command: /res pset !shelluser gripceo container true. Or, to make it easier on yourself if you want to set multiple flags, the chest interface: /res cpset !shelluser gripceo.

    Edit: Keep in mind: this only works if the residence you're trying to edit / change is on the same server as you are.

    Hope this helps.
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