resetting structures in the end

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by grace_irene, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. i think that the cities in the end need to have its loot replenished more often. i go out, and literally look for 3 hours straight, find over 10 cities that have been ransacked. *and they are very VERY RARE*
    seriously, the least they could do is tell everyone when it has been reset.
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  2. Well, first make sure that you're using the waste End and not the Frontier End. The first will reset, the latter never resets (and it's also not intended for mining).

    The last waste reset happened when EMC upgraded to 1.9, so no more than 3 weeks ago (May 31st). Also keep another important thing in mind: if the End on your server is already looted then you might be able to get something good from other servers (though there are no guarantees).

    Truth be told this is no different than when we went to 1.8 and we had ocean monuments. Honestly: after the first 2 weeks or so there was almost no monument left standing, good luck to find one to raid on your own! And now, 2 resets later, you can pick 'm out. I'm not just saying: last Monument a friend and me raided ended up to be nearly 200 blocks away from an outpost, even 2 weeks after the reset no one had bothered to raid it.

    So although the End might be totally mined out at some places right now, you'll definitely get another chance after the next waste reset.

    Hope this can help a bit.