Reset the wild

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Reset the wild?

Yes 12 vote(s) 15.4%
No 66 vote(s) 84.6%
  1. We all know diamond prices are sky rocketing on my server and there are no trees left. moving in the wild is hard enough and with the mobs going to be normal, it'll be even harder. I'm requesting that the wild be reset so that people who work for they're items will actually have a chance of finding something. I hope this will be done for most of the player's benefits.
  2. The wastelands are coming back soon (when 1.5 comes to EMC) - these will serve as a periodically reset wild (they'll be reset every time world generation is changed).

    The current wild will not be reset.
  3. What?

    The entire point of Minecraft Survival is the Survival bit.

    If you want infinite and easy to get resources, play Creative mode.

    There are still a crapton of resource rich areas very close to Spawn on the various servers that no-ones touched.

    This is just an easy answer for people that can't be bothered dealing with the risks. There are a lot of Wild villages and outposts being run now - the idea of resetting the Wild again for this reason is just selfish.
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  4. I did not mean for it to be selfish, and everywhere I look on my server there no resources whatsoever. I just thought it would be nice to have a clean world again.
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  5. Could you tell me what the waste lands are?
  6. Basically just another wild that can and will get reset.
  7. Come on..... Minecraft spawns infinite resources. I've been playing on EMC for over 400 days, and I've never had a problem finding whatever resource I needed at that moment in time, be it iron, diamonds, lapis, etc.

    Make the game fun for yourself - set up your own Wild outpost in a fresh area, develop a train line to get back and forth, etc, harvest the resources in your new area.

    Don't just look for an easy answer.
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  8. 1. There are many communities out there (LLO)
    2. Go out further to find resources
    3. Just wait for the wastelands
    4. Diamond prices are the same as they were 2 months ago
  9. you just need to walk out a bit and then dig down to find them
  10. Sir, you aren't looking right?

    where I mine is 100% untouched and I get everything for myself.

    Just walk like 20k wild.
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  11. Hop onto SMP7 for the largest wild city. Go on an adventure into the unknown for wonderful sights. Set up a base in untouched land to find resources. Have a tree farm on your res.
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  12. Learn how to use nether travel to get further out to the wild to un-touched area's. Everything close to spawn have pretty much been mined but there are still some resources to be had.
  13. i live in a wild base on utopia and its FILLED with resources just go 4000 blocks in the nether and boom you are the first person thare
  14. Oh, so I guess I don't work for my stuff, even with my wild camps. Look, go out further. There are LOTS of trees AND Diamonds in the wild. Just because you're lazy and won't walk out further, doesn't mean it should be reset.
  15. *Unrelated question, but why is everyone using that avatar?*

    Also, you don't even NEED to go 20K out. All of my camps are only around 5-7K out, and its full of resources.
  16. To be fair on him, some servers only allow players access to a small bit of wild (like 5000 square blocks), so it's very much finite. So he can't really be blamed for assuming that the wild is finite.
  17. Yeah I noticed that on one server I visited a while back.
  18. well sorry about such a suckish idea i'm about as bad as some ppl say my question is so i'm sorry for useing your time
  19. Don't apologise, you did nothing wrong. :)
  20. i just wasted your time. i find that wrong