/res set unstuck 1,2,3,4

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  1. Currently, the /res unstuck brings you to some default location somewhere in Africa or something. Sometimes, /res unstuck is usually not the place you wish to be unstuck at.
    Example A:
    Your platform extends from northwest to northeast. Oh and your residence is a bottomless pit with giant monsters that eat you for some reason.
    Problem: The /res unstuck brings you to the Souteast.
    Solution: /res set unstuck 1 move the residence /res unstuck to the North east. /res set unstuck 2 moves it to the Northwest, and so and so forth.

    Example B: You have another platform made of dirt that extends from Northeast to Northwest. Oh and this is a Utopian residence with lava and monsters and bottomless pits and stuff.
    Problem: Ditto to Example A
    Solution: Ditto to Example A

    So yeah.
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  2. Option 1: /res tpset

    Option 2: Residence Teleporter System
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  6. I never would have thought of that stuff. That's why we can't have nice things. Still the idea covers your needs and has other good uses.
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  7. wouldnt it be easier if res unstuck just brought you to the nearest edge?
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  8. Always think of cons before pros :)
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