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  1. Hey guys do any of you remember my original post?
    Well here is my new one!
    I will review your res for FREE!
    Why: I enjoy seeing all these reses and it is something I havent done in ages....
    What: The review (same as last time) Will consist of a rating out of 10 and a paragraph of review journalism stuff!
    How Do I take part?
    Easy! Just post your SMP and res #!
    I also now have some people doing it to speed things up!
    If you want to help just PM me!
  2. So how do you enter this?
    Do we post a picture or do you visit our res?
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  3. um 2515 but its incomplete. Smp 1
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  4. Sorry I forgot to include that :)
    You post your SMP and res #
  5. k,
    smp5 10398
  6. I spawned in a nice sandstone room...
    I then went to an epic diamond armour floor. I really like the use of red stone lamps and sandstone aswell as the coal ore and emerald block floor (Expencive!). I kike it how you used tnt to say "Blast Protection"! I also like how easy it is to navigate your shop! Once it's done I'll be sure to visit and buy! 8/10 (needs to be completed :) )
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  7. thanks! I have currently ran out of gold xD
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  8. Did anyone tell you your amazing at wool art :D.
    I like ash! The trees over the path into your res is epic! Do the lamps turn on at night?
    Your gardens are nice too! The house has some good interior work done to it! Your parkour is cool (thats what I think it is :) sorry if I'm wrong) 8/10
  9. Please review 10462. I have 10+ courses of parkour, and am always adding more!
    EDIT: Forgot server. Fail. smp5
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  10. 858 Smp1.

    I've not made much, its stil under construction...
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  11. 4319 on smp2. Not done.
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  12. 10222 smp5
    958 smp1
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  13. 9139, 9140, 9141 and 9281
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  14. HARDCORE PARKOUR! If your ever bored on EMC be sure to visit this res! I failed at the nube one (I suck at parkour that bad :) !) It also has an attractive set of stairs for when you fall! This res will keep you entertained for hours! 9/10
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  15. I'm closing until I do all these reses! (Until I have reviewed all of the requests)
  16. Your spawn room is very neat and tidy! Your shop tp room is good I like your combination of birch wood and logs!
    I like the look of your house so far! I like the use of birch once again! once it's done I predict 8/10+
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  17. I like your lobby! I also like the layout of your shops! The exterior is a clean design! I can't wait to see the finnished shop!
    8/10 (not done)
  18. He said it in blue. Post what res you have and which server it is.
  19. Id like to enter. Res 2422 Smp1(Not done)
  20. Haha thanks, I'm working on something to get the lights on and off, currently the light just pulses down them.
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