Res Arrest

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  1. Say if somebody does something bad enough to get kicked but not banned, If that ever happens staff could put that person under Res arrest. Like house arrest. Players would not be able to leave their res at all. They couldn't even get blocks to build! I think this may be necessary in the future.
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  2. No.

    What would be the point of staying then? If I was under res arrest, I would rather leave EMC then stay. This will just add more inactive neighbors to EMC.
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  3. This will also make more lag in the server! If they do some sort of red stone machine or something like that.
  4. I am not a big fan of the idea - people would much rather leave than stay as Choong mentioned.

    Also, I do not see this happening anyways. Sorry.
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  5. There will be no redstone machine, it will be a command.
  6. He means, if the res owner has a massive redstone machine etc constantly running while the Chunk is loaded
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  7. Oh, But the staff can tell them to shut the machine off if people complain about lag.
  8. Our system works believe it or not.
    It usually works like this
    Player A called Pab10s a stupid stone slab and a dumb poopy face.
    Pab reports and Player A gets kicks
    Player A returns and keeps bullying
    Staff makes Player A enjoy little temp. ban.
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  9. Your example makes no sense and you insult someone in it? Yeah someone may enjoy a little temp ban...


    This idea probably won't work as players will just leave... it's just like the /jail (Essentials Command) which locks a user an in a box as a punishment.
  10. I think you largely missed the point of his example, which insults no one and does actually make sense.
  11. Me and pab10s are friends and I called him a stupid stone slab in reference me buying out all of his stone slabs.
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  12. If you say so.
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  13. i usually never leave my res as it is... that isn't a punishment in the least bit lol so, not a very good idea.
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  14. Just so it is clear, the Slab bit is a running joke between Skydragon and I.

    The story is that before one of the updates he thought that Stone Slabs were going to be taken out of the game and bought every single Stone Slab and block of Stone I had from my shop.

    I never like being out so I spent all my MC time during the next two days mining and smelting Cobble in order to refill the Chests and rebuild my back stock. He soon found out his speculation was wrong and has told me that he still has a bunch of Slabs left over. I like to remind him of that periodically and pretend that I dislike him (maybe).
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  15. If they were to be taken out of the game, it wouldn't have made a difference for him to buy them, since they would be wiped out of his inventory. :p
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  16. They could also just play on their res. I dont like it
  17. Rudeness=tempban/kick .....
  18. This is a bad idea. Sorry.
  19. I'll re-phrase my statement for all you lawyers out there. Skydragon thought that we would no longer be able to craft Stone Slabs after the update. They would likely have introduced a new block with a different item id to replace them anyway, like they did with wooden slabs in 1.3.
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  20. Actually, somehow, I have (and still have) the original Wooden Slabs from pre-1.3. Y'know, the ones that mine faster with a pickaxe. :p
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