[Request] Need new profile picture...

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  1. Looking to have someone custom do a new profile picture for me. Please PM me your price and some sample work. Looking for something that reflects me better than my current skin. I am a rainbow loving hippie nonetheless though! Please, no making me look like RainbowChin :p

    Willing to pay top rupees for better artwork (must be original!)

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Any takers?
  3. I might. One problem is that the tablet I use to draw is currently broken. It lags behind on lines and doesn't pressure sense. If I cant fix it, I might be able to make one, and I sure will try. Any other specific things you might want on it?
  4. Can I use MS paint?
  5. Here it is.

  6. OOPS. Forgot to pm
  7. -Watched for later-
  8. That made me laugh! Thanks... not quite what I am looking for but saved for 'later' use ;)
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  9. I have some ideas. I will try to PM soon.