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  1. (note: I did receive super's permission, and I mean NO RUDENESS to smp4. I just thought it would be funny for everyone to see super's reaction)
    So in chat, SUPERI0N said this when the player, "smp4" joined, and this happened...
    2015-03-10_19.45.35 copy.png

    thought it would be nice to share this.
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  2. Can we get a SMP3?
  3. Cropping skills: 10/10

    Also, no need to worry about offending Super. Judging from the picture, I see no reason why super would be nothing less than neutral about this.
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  4. Yeah, he was fine with it when I asked. I just wasn't sure if I was allowed to post without permission.

    Dem cropping skills tho. Yeah, I didn't feel like doing stuff. Plus Preview on mac sucks.
    I never said the Mac itself sucks did I? APPLE RULES YEAAH!
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  5. YUSS! I'm an smp4er! :D but that is weird and funny LOL
  6. It wouldve been real funny if this was actually on smp4 lol.
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  7. SMP4 on SMP4 action.
  8. Well, then. SMP4 has connected on SMP4 4 the purpose of switching to SMP4 from SMP4 be4 SMP4 goes into total 4-ception and we don't have SMP4 no more.
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  9. I broke my brain reading that a hundred times.
  10. Somedays, I worry one of these playful names is going to break something within the server. lol #607
  11. Speaking of names, when is the name change update coming?
  12. Shouldn't take much longer I would imagine. To my knowledge that is first priority (except small vital changes).
  13. I can't wait to be the official currency of EMC
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  14. There are two kinds of people who play Minecraft. The first kind is those who simply play to play the game, thinking creatively only to build awesome stuff and generally win at life. The second kind of person is the kind of person who plays on EMC, and therefore has made it their personal goal to break, troll, or fishslap the server in any way possible. It is this second type of Minecrafter who has by far the most fun. :p
  15. ... exactly my point...

  16. Well someone had to snipe it.
  17. I personally think names like that shouldn't be allowed due to the chance that someone would accidentally pay them and not be able to get their money back.
  18. Speaking for myself,

    If someone accidentally paid me because of my name, I'd give them their Rupees back. I honestly don't need them, and thats what any real EMC player would do.
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  19. I am not suggesting that you are a bad player, but what happens if you (anyone with an EMC-y name in general) need to take an extended break from the server (military, school, etc)? That is where the issue would arise. They would think that they paid the right person/thing, but got nothing out of it.

    I highly doubt this would be an issue, but it was just a thought.:p
  20. I'm sure the player could contact a moderator and explain what the situation is.