[REPOST] Alert when someone visits your residence and you are in game

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  1. This is a repost, because I had yet to get a staff response on the last post.

    Basically, the res owner would get an alert every time someone came to your residence. You could opt out of these alerts with /ps.

    The alert would look something like this:
    ExampleGuy has visited 1001 (1001 would be the res owner's residence.)

    Let me know what you think in the comments!
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  2. I'd like it. :) Not that I get many visitors, but I like knowing what's happening, especially if I start dropping XP bottles... Lol
  3. why didnt you just bumped the last one?

    edit: here is the link for it: https://empireminecraft.com/threads...n-your-res-idences-and-you-are-in-game.66946/
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  4. i need this also u should have bumped the old thread
  5. be sure to have it on /ps, if this comes in, so we can turn off the notification squad for a certain res or something
  6. I need this so I can tell who is visiting my res but will it notify you if they are visiting your res on a different smp?
  7. I don't get what this would be used for...
  8. To see if someone is stalking you...
  9. And this is a wide spread problem?
  10. Lemme put it like this, you should be very afraid :}
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  11. ehh i mean, if you are a good builder, and want people to judge your build for you to improve, this would help a lot.
    also if you have a shop, it can improve customer service...
    many applications
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  12. I'm ready :D
  13. I like this idea if it was part of /ps.
  14. it is
  15. I'd like that, you can do it for shops so you can do it for residences i hope.
  16. Uhm, if it was then I'm sure you wouldn't have sent in this suggestion ;)

    I think Rezxz was referring to your suggestion, which isn't part of /ps right now.
  17. I think they mean that they want it to be a part of the /ps, not that it already is