[SUGGESTION] Alert when someone is on your res(idences) and you are in-game

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+1 19 vote(s) 73.1%
+0 4 vote(s) 15.4%
-1 3 vote(s) 11.5%
  1. Well, it is self-explanatory. When someone comes on one of your residences, you get an alert, here is an example of what that alert might be.

    ExamplePlayer has visited 1001 (this message would display if you are the owner of 1001)

    Vote on the poll and let me know what you guys think in the comments!

    EDIT: As Finch brought up, it probably should have an option to disable it in /ps :D
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  2. Only if you are able to disable it as well as if you have a mall, or a popular res, this can be very busy on your screen, hehe. And maybe what if a player could also prevent it from telling the other you are on their res, as I myself like to be mysterious and go on a res without letting another know :p
  3. Good point for your first one, however the second option is up to the res owner.
  4. Most votes go to +0
  5. Very nice idea. Like mentioned before it should be a must to have an option to turn it on and off!:D
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  6. Thanks for liking it!
  7. With a great turn of events, 3 more people voted for +1, so it is now in the lead! Thank you guys so much! :D
  8. I think this is a great idea. I have a firework that goes off at my mall, but this is amazing. I always wish for something like this. +1,000
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  9. I love the idea +1
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  10. Thank you! :D
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  11. i think this is a good idea but it needs 2 be disable able so that u can turn it off if u dont want alerts like if ur a mall owner it can get anoying

    also if u wana like surprise ur friend u should be able to set it so that ur friend dosent now that ur there,

    otherwise good suggestion +111111111waffles
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  12. No problemo!
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  13. Awesome +2+9999999
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  14. Bump!
    We are awaiting an official staff response. With 11 +1 votes, this may happen! :D
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  15. Just coz there are votes, does not mean it will/may happen. There are many players who dont vote at all, and I can see many issues arise from this in the future if it were to be added the way you want.