Remove vault charges

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could remove vault opening charges period? I spend way too much every day just opening a vault.
  2. if you spend that much you should consider just buying 5 vaults
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  3. If you have 5 pages, its free to open on all servers. If you are opening it that much you might want to think about investing in more pages
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  4. Yeah, but its 10 k for 1 page
  5. And? lol
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  6. You can also fight Momentus and Marlix to earn Vault Vouchers.

    You will find extra pages extremely useful if you use vault a lot already.

    Also, 10k is relatively easy to earn now with the voting changes.
  7. Yeah, that's true. Im just not going to be able to stay iron forever though, so that 40 k i spent for the vault would go bye bye when i return to normal.
  8. Nope. You keep vault pages indefinitely.
    I have 5 pages now, yet no color on my name. :p
  9. To be honest, ive bought 5 vault pages on my main, and 2 of my alts because of how usful it is. If you want to check whats in your vault for free go on utopioa and look.
  10. Oh cool! Vaults stay indefinitely!!! Awesome! :D
    Ill do it with the money ima get today then
  11. I think it is very easy to get more vault pages, 607's votestreak is only at like 125 days, and he got two vault vouchers if I am not mistaken :) So it isn't even needed to become a supporter.
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  13. If he read the responses to the thread, he could see why it was denied and avoid the idea being denied a second time :)
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