Remember the Days

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  1. There is a lot to be learned from children. We forget so much as we grow up, and may not even realize it. But we also tend to forget that our actions can have a tremendous impact on the young people around us. Be a good example, and guide them in the right direction.


    Remember the Days

    If I had told you that I wasn’t always like this… would you believe me?

    Yes, I too, was once a child. Young. Innocent. Foolish. Everything the older us finds annoying. Everything the older us shoots down as “obnoxious” and “ridiculous” or maybe even plain “frustrating”.
    But as a child? It was life. It was joy. It was all I knew, and I still had a long road of learning in front of me. I still do. In fact, we all do.

    Please be gentle. Please be kind. My nightmares still scare me, and they would scare you too. This is my comfort, this is my home, please don’t strip it to the bone.

    Sometimes I fall, sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I say stuff until it drives you insane. I won’t always be like this, but...

    Please be gentle. Please be kind. I want to figure it out on my own time. I understand more than you know, but I still have a ways to go.

    Young? Yes. Emotionless? No. I blossom with every seed you sow. Build me into a beautiful garden, don’t dig me into a hole.

    With your love, and with your care, I spread my wings and am prepared. To take the flight, the flight of life, soaring above those words of strife. I thank you for being gentle, and I thank you for being kind. You are the one that developed me through all this time.
  2. Huh, that's good!
    It reminds me of something you'd hear at Remembrance of the Dead in the Netherlands.
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  3. This is really good, Moops!

    This conveys something I like helping people with as a person and am trying to get over myself. As, for a long time, I received the negative effects of, as I’d put it from your writing, being dug into a hole as opposed to being built into a beautiful garden. I’m working on my own garden, it seems, ever so slowly, but I know I can help others with theirs, too. And I know I have friends that help me slowly with mine, too.

    This is something I can feel and relate to, and it gives a good message, so great job :)
  4. Wow, this is amazing! Great work
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  5. What a nice poem moople, I too really support the idea that having a mentor or someone to lead you in the right direction or spark and nurture your interests is something all children need.
  6. Oh my that’s amazing!
    The poem is true, we all we’re children, well I still am, but when I look down at kinder gardens and I think, they’ve got a buitiful life ahead of them, it just makes my heart smiles, I hope when there older they don’t beacome a person, like me. As I am a different person then them, and you should all be different, mistakes are made, memories are made, friends are made, and life is made by being yourself.
  7. Thats awesome moops

    I really haven't had the support from my mother figure to grow as well as i could but i still making my way along i'd say im like a small flowerbed with dreams of becoming a bueatiful garden
  8. Its true Moops we all make mistakes once in a while, we all say things that drive us crazy, and we are all young at heart.

    We are all who make us unique someway :)
  9. I'm not lying...that made me cry
  10. It's true.. we were all the same way once, so rather than looking down upon people for acting a certain way, (aka digging them into a hole), help to nourish them into a beautiful garden.

    Awesome poem, Moops, and very well written. 🙂
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  11. This is a good reminder MoreMoople.
    When were young we take advantage of the easy life. When older we envy them when we should set them down the right path.

    I have the same problem at my school. There is a little girl whom I used to babysit, and she still sees me in school. I've never been fond of kids, and she was no exception. And yet, she continued to "bug" me (as I would call it) and then one day it came to me that I was that big kid.
    Do you remember being just a little one, looking up at the kids who were 2, 3, or more years older? Were you fond of any of them? Did you maybe even look up to one, and try to act like them? I used to know someone like that. They're gone now, but I won't forget.
    Now, I know I'm that kid. I'm proud to be that kid. Now I know she will always remember me. I'll try hard to be a great memory, I want her to miss me when I'm gone, or to remember me when she looks at the things that shouldn't mean anything.
    My heart hasn't changed much on my view of kids, but she's shown me wrong. I'm glad for that.
  12. I did a little bit too
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